State Party Talks Election

“Our focus will be on the Obama economy,” said Adam Nickas, executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party at the Midtown Republican Club meeting last night. “Obama wants to talk about anything but the economy, but he owns it and he made it.

“There are two numbers you need to know in this campaign: 8.2 and 4.7. The 8.2 is our current unemployment number under Obama. The 4.7 is the unemployment number in Massachusetts when Governor Romney left. This is a crucial election. It will effect generations to come,” Nickas said.

“On the state level we’ve had great Republican leadership. Our party has reduced Tennessee’s budget by 2%. We saw more tax cuts than any in recent history, rolling back the gift tax and the grocery tax. We saved taxpayers 1/4 million dollars by leaving early,” he said of the legislature’s last session.

“I’m confident about our chances in the fall. We are only two seats away from a super majority in the House and Senate.”

Nickas smiled as he discussed the issue of voter ID which Tennessee now requires. “I love it when Democrats talk about voter ID. Polls show that 92% of Tennesseans agree with the requirement.” As for disenfranchising anyone, Nickas observes “we’re trying to disenfranchise people who aren’t eligible to vote.”

Justin Joy, Shelby GOP chairman, added that “Tennessee state law requires us to verify addresses. We are only upholding the law,” he said, in regard to the recent charges brought up by Rep. Steve Cohen and the local Democrat party.

Joy continued. “If you haven’t voted in the past two November elections – that would be for president and governor – then you go to the inactive rolls. But you can still vote,” Joy said.

“What I’m really concerned about is voter apathy in August,” Joy said. “We want everyone to know about the Aug. 2 election. We need poll watchers. You can go to to sign up.” He also wanted everyone to know that headquarters is now open at Carrefour mall.

Joy agreed with Nickas who reminded us that “races are won or lost in Midtown.”

That’s a very heavy responsibility for us Republican Midtowners. As in 2010, let’s hope we all get out the vote and swing it our way.

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