First Lady Here for Money First

Michelle Obama is coming to Memphis. Why? To encourage our youth to lead moral, uplifting lives? To help someone at St. Jude? To talk up business coming to our fair city?

Of course not! She’s here for one thing: money.

I chuckled to see the liberal interpretation of her trip. “Perseverance paid off Wednesday when the Obama for America campaign announced that Michelle Obama will hold a fundraiser in Memphis on June 28,” gushed Bart Sullivan of the Commercial Appeal.

So you don’t think it has anything to do with her husband’s reelection fund raising going, pardon the pun, South? Or the fact that the election is just a few months away? Or that she’s got a new book to promote and would like to bump up sales?

“Everybody loves her,” said Rep. Steve Cohen. Really? Wait til she takes away your big Gulp soda, Frosted Flakes and chips and replaces them with carrot juice, kale chips and gluten free cookies. “The Mid South will be vibrating with excitement” said Democrat activist Kelly Jacobs. Or seething with anger – however you interpret raised blood pressure and shaking hands.

“The president was on a fundraising swing through California on Wednesday,” Sullivan continued. Seems like that’s all he does anymore, doesn’t it? Even that’s not enough, so Michelle has to go and put her hand out in areas less lucrative. What’s next? Malia and Sasha selling cookies at the mall for Dad’s campaign coffers? With these people, anything is possible.

Just the other day the Obama campaign released ads by Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour offering to raffle dinner with the president for a few bucks. Funny how the super wealthy and society snobs don’t seem to bother our Occupy Wall St. promoter if he can get a take out of it. And what’s with Anna Wintour anyhow? The editor of Vogue with her British accent makes me wonder what the hell she’s doing meddling in our politics. Is the woman even a citizen?

At our Midtown meeting Tuesday Tennessee Republican Party executive director Adam Nickas told us that the GOP strategy was to focus on the economy. Sure enough, he was quoted in today’s paper suggesting that the president should “spend more time focusing on the economy instead of planning campaign fundraisers weeks in advance.” It’s reassuring that the party pounced on this Michelle visit and kept on message.

Now we’ll have to endure the fawning press praising Michelle for the next few weeks and even after she’s gone. Just think how great it will be when she’s gone back to Chicago in 2013 and we don’t have to see her pushing her exercises, food choices and political views on innocent Memphians. Save that for your Chicago sycophants.

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