Holder Out in the Cold?

Jim Geraghty in National Review online’s Morning Jolt asks: “Does someone in the White House not want Eric Holder to hold on?” And concludes “So . . . Attorney General Eric Holder could end up having a bad, bad week next week.”

He explains:

House Committee and Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa told BuzzFeed today that he expects 31 Democrats will join Congressional Republicans in finding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents relating to a botched gun-running investigation.

Issa, who has risen to national prominence as the point of the Republican spear in investigating alleged Obama administration wrongdoing, called for a committee vote on contempt next week in advance of a full House vote on Holder’s conduct in the so-called “Fast and Furious” operation, in which a federal agent was allegedly killed with a gun the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allowed to be trafficked.

For what it’s worth, I’m hearing rumblings that Republicans in both the House and Senate think that Attorney General Eric Holder is . . . well, lying through his teeth in his testimony on Fast & Furious, and that this is worth going to the mattresses over.

Another interesting observation came from a second look at this anecdote that came out last week

The Axelrod-Holder battle is described by author Daniel Klaidman in the forthcoming Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency.

“After the session ended, Axelrod made a beeline for the attorney general. Obama’s senior adviser was incensed. It had gotten back to him that Holder and his aides were spreading the word that he was trying to improperly influence the Justice Department.

Axelrod, who knew all too well that even the hint of White House meddling with Justice Department investigations could detonate a full-blown scandal, had been careful not to come close to that line. ‘Don’t ever, ever accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the Justice Department,’ he warned Holder after confronting him in the hallway. ‘I’m not Karl Rove,’ he added, referring to George Bush’s political consigliere, who had been accused of pressuring Justice to fire politically unpopular U.S. attorneys.

Holder did not appreciate being publicly dressed down by the president’s most senior political adviser. Determined to stand his ground against Tammany Hall, the A.G. ripped into him in full view of other White House staffers. ‘That’s bull—-,’ he replied vehemently.

The two men stood chest to chest. It was like a school yard fight back at their shared alma mater, Stuyvesant, the elite public high school for striving kids from New York City. White House staffers caught in the crossfire averted their eyes. Jarrett, whose office was nearby, materialized as things got hot. Petite and perfectly put together as always, she pushed her way between the two men, her sense of decorum disturbed, ordering them to ‘take it out of the hallway.'”

Boy, that’s an unflattering portrait of Holder, isn’t it? And not that much more flattering of Axelrod, although he at least can come across as the indignant victim of Holder’s campaign of leaks and lies.

Say, who comes out looking best in that anecdote?

Oh, Valerie Jarrett, huh? One of the Obamas’ closest and most trusted friends, huh? Say, author Ed Klein, just how close are the Obamas and Jarrett

“We haven’t seen anything like this in modern presidential history,” said Klein. “One person who is the best friend of the First Lady and the soulmate of the President, who is the last person to leave the Oval Office after a meeting, goes upstairs to the family quarters, has dinner with the President. Goes on vacation with them. Has his ear. Is de facto president of the United States.”

Hmm. So just as it appears that Eric Holder might be in real trouble on the Hill — and that the DOJ internal investigation increasingly looks like a joke, still no word of its completion a mere 15 months after it was announced — a story that makes the attorney general look bad leaks, and that same story just happens to make the “de facto president/soulmate of the president” look good.

Think somebody within the administration wouldn’t mind seeing Holder go?

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