A Crash Course in Obama

If there is one thing that yesterday’s immigration announcement by Obama revealed, it is that he is temperamentally unsuited to the presidency.

Yes, he fails to understand our Constitution. Yes, he is first and foremost a politician looking out for his own skin. Yes, he has no desire to put the welfare of the country first.

Bad as all those are, Obama has shown that he cannot govern. He cannot work with Congress. He didn’t work well in the Illinois legislature. He does not believe in democracy. He does not play well with others. He’s a community organizer.

Community organizers, like therapists and psychiatrists, flourish by telling others what to do. They don’t necessarily do that themselves, but it is their job. It is not the job of the president to tell others what to do. It’s his job to work with Congress in reflecting the will of the American people.

George W. Bush was said – by the opposition – to take too much power by using a few executive orders. Yet from the beginning he worked with the House and the Senate. He worked with them to pass a tax cut that brought about years of prosperity. He worked with them on the No Child Left Behind Act, which, had it been handled by Republicans alone, would probably have turned out differently and better. He worked with them on the Iraq War situation and in forming Homeland Security. He did not throw them out and make executive orders. He did not object to any court rulings that worked against him.

Transpose that with this president. He publicly lambastes the Supreme Court at the State of the Union address. He rams through stimulus and Obamacare without a single Republican vote. He unashamedly lets Congress write his signature “success” – the Affordable Care Act. It’s like when he was in the Illinois senate and just didn’t vote on issues that might tar him later so he just voted present.

If immigration is such a winning issue, why doesn’t he want to work with Congress on it? If he really cares about the welfare of Americans, why can’t he come up with some compromise amenable to House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats? If Americans really want this, why does he have to dictate it?

The answer is because he has no legislative skills and needs votes fast. It’s my way or the highway with him.

Let’s hope that highway has an exit coming up soon. Obama is a dangerous man. If he takes this many freedoms away from us in a reelection year, what would a second term look like? In a word, disaster.

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