Blackburn Tells Health Care Strategy

This morning Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from our neighboring district appeared on Fox Business’ Varney and Co. Varney asked her what the Republican strategy would be after the ruling on Obamacare.

First Varney asked what would happen in the House if the whole Obamacare is struck down. Here’s what she said:

“If the entire law is struck down, this is where Congress needs to step up, say Obamacare was a mistake and give the American people what they wanted, which is to start over with a clean, fresh slate. What we will do is immediately focus on delivering increased choice and options, decrease cost and mandate, simplifying the system for patients and providers, restoring all those cuts that were made to Medicare and focusing on making health care tax free. Within that Title one, which is the insurance provisions will be the very first thing we go after and we’ll center on the across state line purchase of health insurance model.”

Varney presented the next scenario: The Supreme Court says just the individual mandate is unconstitutional.

Blackburn answered, “Then what Congress will need to do is come in and repeal the balance of that. Of course, in the House we have already voted to repeal the entire bill. What you will see is the Senate will take up some of these provisions that the House has already passed and then get the rest of the bill off the book.”

Last one: no change at all.

“Then what we will do is section by section, title by title, repeal this bill to get it off the books. What we know is that over two-thirds of the American people feel that this law is unconstitutional, that this was a wrong step, it was a mistake and what they want us to do is start over, focus on real health reform that is simpler and is patient centered and get this bill off the books and that will be our focus.”

Let’s hope that the Supreme Court understands our freedoms and shoots the whole thing down. And let the people who decided on this monstrosity – President Obama and all the Democrats who voted for it – go down in electoral defeat.

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