Botched Operation? Hardly

Chris Whittle of Afterburner sums up Fast and Furious. Watch the whole rant, but here is the summation:

PJ Media writer Bob Owens write and I believe: Fast and Furious was designed to require Mexican casualties in order for it to accomplish its mission which was to bring back the Clinton era assault weapons ban here in America. Now if that is in fact the case consider how unrelentingly evil this idea and these two men (Holder and Obama) really are. In order to achieve an ideological end that they wanted to achieve they desired in America, one that’s roundly rejected by the American people they were elected to serve and not dictate to they pumped thousands of deadly weapons into the most violent, horrific murderers on the face of the planet today and this ideological decision cost the lives of no less than 300 Mexican people confirmed dead as a result of this ideological war not to mention this American hero and former Marine border patrol agent, Brian Terry, who was killed using weapons supplied to his murderers by Eric Holder very likely under the direction of Barack Obama.

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