A Sick Decision

What’s in the water in Washington, D.C.? It seems to take average, clear headed, freedom loving and intelligent people and turn them into puffy headed selfish tyrants of the American people. Chief Justice Roberts, why?

Did someone threaten you? Did someone give you your thirty pieces of silver? Did they seduce you at their Washington elitist parties and media? Clearly you are not a man for all seasons.

Roberts, you indicated in your decision that you wanted to give the choice back to the American people and let them decide via elections. If we followed that way of thinking, why does the Supreme Court exist at all? Why don’t we just let every American vote online for what we should do. You have taken what’s right and just out of your decision and punted it back to politicians.

Speaker Boehner, you warned against our having a gloatfest. Do you think President Obama will heed those words?

I just heard Mitt Romney give his comment on the decision. Good God, man! Could you feel a little passion about the issue? You called the ruling “troubling.” Troubling? Troubling is a noise in your car engine. Troubling is an irritating cough. Troubling is when the offspring disobeys. Putting the largest tax increase in history on middle class people, eviscerating the pool of doctors for the future, making everyone wait for medical help even under severe ailments is DISASTER.

And Mitt, don’t talk about the Chamber of Commerce worried about a slump in jobs. People don’t want to here statistics at such an emotional time. Saying it’s a “time of choice” hardly gets busloads to the polls to vote for you. It’s “important to repeal and replace it” is an understatement, Governor.

Many of us feel we are living in an alternate universe. Everything that should be obviously right is wrong and vice versa. Tap into this.

Rush Limbaugh just asked how many embarrassed journalists there are this morning. He was referring to those who castigated Roberts as a right wing nut job when it looked like he would strike down the mandate. Sorry, Rush, but there are never any embarrassed journalists. They just shrug and move on to the next victim.

And, Justice Roberts, ever hear of “no taxation without representation”? You have just given Obama the power to tax us without putting it to a vote in Congress. Surely, that strikes you as wrong. Now he can bypass Congress with your blessing.

Weren’t you paying attention, Justice Roberts, when President Obama insisted that the mandate wasn’t a tax? Was he just being a jokester? Are you deaf? Did you miss that? The logic on it boils down to he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not. It’s a tax, it isn’t, it’s a tax, no it’s not. Just pick one.

Whatever happened to freedom of religion? Have you, Justice Roberts, supposed Catholic, just told the Church that they have to provide contraceptives and abortions? If so, they should start shutting them down now. Otherwise, they oppose a real and true authority.

By the way, veterans: Did you see that the Supreme Court ruled also that it is not a crime to lie about your medals? If you received a medal of honor but were sitting somewhere safe while your brothers were in battle but claimed to be a hero, it’s OK with them. How do you feel about that?

The kindest thing I can say, Justice Roberts, is that perhaps you were suffering from an epileptic fit when making this decision. It’s a malady you suffer from, one that liberals suggested makes you ineligible for the High Court.

I guess that’s not a worry for you, though. You’ll manage to get your necessary health care. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that is now in doubt.

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