Puny Jobs Report “Step in Right Direction”

Evidently President Obama thinks the American people are so dumb that they would accept an unchanged unemployment number of 8.2% with only 80,000 jobs added in June. He called it a “step in the right direction.” As this graphic from Ace of Spades blog shows, it’s a step all right. Off a cliff.

Ace goes on to note that

“In June 2004, then state Senator Barack Obama attacked George W. Bush’s job creation record.

That’s 8 years ago to the month compared to today’s job numbers. Let’s see how Bush and Obama stack up at the same point in their terms, shall we?

How many jobs did the economy created in June of 2004? 112,000 (pdf). This was actually down from previous months. It’s actually impressive considering the unemployment rate was…5.6% and had been for much of that year (it’s harder to get big job growth when unemployment is relatively low).

Obama actually said that today’s awful job numbers are “a step in the right direction”.

So to recap…112,000 jobs and 5.6% unemployment was killing the middle class but 80,000 jobs (when there’s clearly a job shortage) and 8.2% unemployment is “a step in the right direction”.

When Democrats hear that, they chant, “Four more years!”.

Of those 80,000 jobs a third of those were only part time! Then 85,000 people claimed disability benefits in June. If you can’t find work and your unemployment check time runs out that’s the next step. We only have roughly 63% of the population working. They are expected to carry all the rest I suppose.

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