Who Is David Axelrod?

If you don’t listen to Mark Levin, start. He is by far the most logical, intelligent conservative radio talk show host. It’s no wonder they call him “The Great One.”

You can listen to his show free. In Memphis we have him broadcast in the evenings, but that is sometimes an inopportune time to listen. So go to this link and you can listen to him whenever you want: http://www.marklevinshow.com/sectional.asp?id=32930#

On Thursday Levin took a look at David Axelrod. As much as I follow Obama & Co., I did not fully realize how deeply Communist David Axelrod is.

In an article in the American Spectator March 2012, Paul Kengor lays out Axelrod’s history. He discusses his buddies, mentors and parents, all Communists with roots deep in Stalinist era politics. Kengor shows how deep the network is; how Ax promoted some of today’s leading liberals; how he profited from his projects; and how he intends to hand Obama a second term.

Here’s a taste of Kengor’s findings:

With the (Richard) Daley campaign (for mayor of Chicago) a success, Axelrod expanded his horizons far beyond city halls. There were gubernatorial prospects: New York’s Eliot Spitzer and Massachusetts’ Deval Patrick. There were Senate seekers: Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton. There were more presidential campaigns: John Edwards.

He became especially close to Rahm Emanuel—so close that Emanuel asked Axelrod to sign the ketubah (Jewish marriage covenant) at his wedding. Axelrod somehow got the unappealing Emanuel elected to a House seat where detractors had framed him as a carpetbagger. He was Emanuel’s chief political adviser when Emanuel helped staged the Democratic takeover of the House in 2006…

From 2001 to 2007, Axelrod’s 11-person consulting firm was touting an 80-percent win rate, with its candidates victorious in 33 of 42 campaigns.

Kengor writes at length about all the people around Axelrod and influencing him.

Thus, like his mentors, David Canter and Don Rose, Axelrod went into political consulting.

His move from the Chicago Tribune to Axelrod & Associates meant a jump in salary from re-portedly $42,000 per year to “around six figures,” due primarily to commissions that ranged from $15,000 to $60,000 per campaign, plus a 15 percent commission on TV ads. Axelrod had considered going into business with Bob Shrum (then Ted Kennedy’s press secretary), consultant David Doak, and Pat Caddell, who had been a pollster for Jimmy Carter. Caddell, however, repulsed Axelrod. “Pat was narcissistic and consumed with himself,” he snarled.

Kengor outlines Ax’s strategy:

A well-known, somewhat notorious example of this front-group tactic is the company ComEd, which sought a palatable way to seek higher electricity prices in Illinois. ComEd sought ASK’s advice. ASK advised ComEd to form a group called Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity (CORE), which in turn described itself as a “coalition of individuals, businesses, and organizations.” The group then ran ads—written by ASK—direly warning of blackouts if electricity rates were not hiked. As noted by Bloomberg, ComEd later acknowledged that it had bankrolled the entire $15 million effort.

It was precisely the kind of thing that Chicago’s communists did in the 1940s, organizing groups with names like the American Peace Mobilization, which argued that America should stay out of World War II for purposes of peace when, in fact, the group’s goal was to assuage Hitler because Hitler had signed a pact with Stalin. This is a crass example, yes, but it is indicative of the way that communists in Chicago and New York operated unceasingly for decades through the finely honed tactic of the front-group. The likes of the Canters, Frank Marshall Davis, and others were involved in innumerable front-groups in Chicago and elsewhere.

These are just samples of the important information in Kengor’s article that every American should know. It’s a lengthy piece, but crucial to understanding what’s going on. You can read the whole thing here: David Axelrod, Lefty Lumberjack at http://www.marklevinshow.com/goout.asp?u=http://spectator.org/archives/2012/03/09/david-axelrod-lefty-lumberjack

Let’s hope the Romney people read it and are aware of it. They have to know what they are up against. It’s our only hope for ridding America of this evil presence.

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