Look What Happened in Maryland

Along with D.C. and some parts of Virginia, Marylanders lost power during the derecho. At least, you’d think, they would shave a few dollars off their utility bill.

No such luck. Look what some they got instead:

Some of you will see an extra charge in your next electric bill because Pepco and BGE lost money when they couldn’t charge customers to deliver power during the storm outage.

Only regulators in Maryland allow utilities to recoup lost billings by invoicing customers directly.

“It’s the law,” said Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey. “It’s called bill stabilization.”

Officials in the District and Virginia say the utilities can not charge customers for lost billings there – so this is unique to Maryland customers.

The Strata-sphere.com/blog/, who lives in the area, commented:

It’s called highway robbery. It may be the law, but the fact is there was no power being consumed by millions of people for days and yet, MD allows for them to be charged for no service! Power losses led to water shortages, food losses in refrigerators and freezers, which then led to expensive alternatives like eating out. Thousands were at risk health wise, sanitation issues ‘blossomed’ – and for all this suffering MD consumers are handed the bill?
Can everyone see shades of Obamacare in this life lesson? When the government runs the monopoly, they are free to take from you as they see fit.

In VA there is no such need or requirement. We also have balanced budget, better economic growth and lower unemployment than MD. Wonder why that is?…..

It’s because they have a Republican governor in Virginia and a Democrat one in Maryland. Yesterday there were also articles about how the rich are fleeing Maryland to escape the huge taxes their legislature has made for them.

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