Who Owns Us?

“I want the American people to work more for themselves and less for the government.” – Calvin Coolidge

Glenn Beck starts his radio show with that quote every morning. It’s a good one, encapsulating a motto we need to embrace now.

It’s particularly appropriate tomorrow, which Gerri Willis of Fox Business calls the Cost of Government Day. (In Tennessee we are slightly luckier; we hit it June 28th.) She explains:

This Sunday, July 15th, the nation can celebrate the “Cost of Government” day.

That’s the point in the year when we’ve worked enough to pay for the spending and expensive regulations from the government — federal, state and local.That means this year you’ll have worked 197 days on behalf of the government. The date it falls on is a good measure for just how bloated the government has become. This is the fourth straight year “Cost of Government” day has fallen in July.

Until Obama took office, it was late June or earlier, and compared to just a decade ago, you now have to work an additional 29 days to cover your share of the nation’s bureaucracy!

This all comes from the Americans for Tax Reform’s annual report on the cost of government, and the details are a doozy.The biggest driver of these costs is, of course, spending.

This year you worked a full 88 days just for federal spending, and you worked another 40 for your state and local, but that’s just the half of it.

A growing burden is the cost of government regulations. 69 days of the year goes to paying for that. Regulations like Dodd-Frank, or the reams of rules from the EPA, which are already bankrupting coal plants. But of course, July 15th is the just the national average.

Taxpayers in Connecticut will have to keep working until August 9th.

No matter what the country provides for its citizens you have to wonder if this is the role of government. Aren’t we, in fact, enslaved? We have no say in where our money goes. They don’t really want us to know because if we all paid attention, citizens would storm Washington.

Take Planned Parenthood. Please! as the joke goes. People opposed to them are forced into paying for them. Schools we don’t like, trips to Vegas by the GAO, frog and turtle crosswalks; well the list is long and damning.

Coolidge realized the danger of a government growing out of control as did our founders. He has gotten a bad rap from misinformation in our schools. He was harmed by the Great Depression and many erroneously claim he had a role in it.

Garland Tucker at americanthinker.com writes today of him, with application to our current state of affairs and Mitt Romney in mind:

Historian Paul Johnson has called Coolidge “[t]he most internally consistent and single minded of modern American presidents.” Amity Shlaes has written recently that Coolidge believed his first obligation was “to do no harm. His no harm rule came out of strength of character. By holding back, Coolidge believed he sustained stability, so that citizens knew what to expect from their government.” Perhaps one of Coolidge’s own supporters best summarized his record: “Coolidge never wasted any time, never wasted any words, and never wasted any public money.”

Coolidge believed that the role of government was appropriately limited by the Constitution and was convinced of the creative power of individual initiative. Like Jefferson, Coolidge harbored a very healthy distrust of government and a strong conviction that government was appropriately limited by the Constitution. He wanted “the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. I want them to have the rewards of their own industry. That is the chief meaning of freedom.” He consistently resisted progressive efforts to expand the reach of government, and he understood it was a moral — as well as an economic — issue: “I favor a government policy of economy not because I wish to save money but because I wish to save people.” He deplored the dependency which accompanies expanded government.

…Coolidge termed high taxes “a species of legalized larceny,” and he knew that the creation of jobs comes from the private sector, not from government. As Coolidge simultaneously slashed top income tax rates from 77% to 24% and reduced government spending by over 35%, GNP grew at the fastest rate ever recorded for any eight year period in U. S. history.

Have we been indoctrinated past the tipping point of return to sane American government? We’ll find out this November.

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