Senate Showdown Monday

“The most important issue no one is talking about,” says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is coming up in the Senate tomorrow.

It’s the DISCLOSE Act and he’s quite concerned about it. McConnell contacted radio host Mark Levin, a valiant defender of liberty, to talk about it Friday on his radio show. Both agree it’s a potential assault on the First Amendment.

The DISCLOSE Act “is the effort by the Left to intimidate those who are contributing to outside groups who are opposed to the Obama administration into not contributing or shutting up or going away,” McConnell explains.

Democrats have been chafing ever since the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case which opened up the ability to contribute to political campaigns and has been beneficial to conservatives. “What the Democrats have done here is conjure up a proposal to require the disclosure of contributions to what are called 501C4s,” McConnell continued. “These are social welfare organizations many of which on the Left and the Right are involved in politics. And they’ve done it for the reason, of course, to get their names to intimidate them with the power of the government.

“The IRS is investigating Tea Party groups all across the country. The SEC has gone after corporations that they think might be exercising their First Amendment rights. This is quite reminiscent of the Nixon administration – the enemies list. They’ve got their enemies list, they’re checking it twice, making sure whose naught and nice and, of course, the naughty is anybody who is opposed to the Obama administration.”

“Make no mistake, this is a big threat to the First Amendment.”

Levin commented that in this bill unions would get their free speech. McConnell commented, “they’ve jerry rigged this bill to basically exempt all the unions from any of the requirements that would be imposed on non unions. Clearly this is not a serious legislative proposal. It’s designed to quiet the voices of conservative Americans who are genuinely alarmed about what this administration has done to the country and want to do something about it.”

McConnell says New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is behind the move. “Schumer admitted the whole purpose is a deterrent effect. It’s an attempt to quiet the opposition. They want to bring the power of the federal government down on them through the IRS and the SEC. It’s a completely transparent effort to quiet the voices of their critics and they suddenly realize there are a whole bunch of people who oppose them.”

McConnell feels Republicans will be able to defeat the proposal comfortably in the Senate. He said when there were 41 Republicans earlier they all held and he feels they will again. But he is sounding an alarm we all need to heed. If you want to contact our senators and urge them to defeat it they can be reached at:

Lamar Alexander:
(202) 224-4944
Web Form:

Bob Corker:
(202) 224-3344
Web Form:

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