Come Out and Fight, Mitt

The other day an email alerted me that if I donate $3 to the Romney campaign, I will be notified of his vice presidential pick right after he decides it.

Then I read that he spent the past weekend taking it easy with his family in New Hampshire. Now I understand the need for a candidate to retool and to take time to strategize. But this was after he had taken off the week of July 4th to relax with his family. It doesn’t make you want to contribute.

When you watch Obama hammer him day after day while Romney chills, it’s a bit disconcerting. The conservative media had been telling him he missed an opportunity after Chief Justice Roberts gave the green light to Obamacare. They told him the Bain attacks were hurting him. Didn’t seem to make much of an impression.

Then I ran across this good rant from Mark Levin on facebook. His advice is spot on and probably reflects what you feel, too. Here it is and let’s hope someone in the Romney camp wakes up and gets him out there on the attack and not on defense. When you’re on defense, as they say, you’re losing.

You need to go on offense!

Obama wants to talk about outsourcing. Ok, then, slap him with it. Here’s an example: “Obama has outsourced our credit to the Chinese, he has outsourced our energy to Saudi Arabia, he has outsourced NASA to the Russians (H/T Jim Geraghty, NRO), and he has outsourced our foreign policy to the United Nations.”

But don’t stop there. Even better, start hitting Obama for the actual consequences of his reign. Try this: “If your high school or college age son or daughter cannot find a job this summer, thank Obama; if your senior citizen dad or mom has to work a part-time job to make ends meet, thank Obama; if your spouse lost his or her job in the last 3 1/2 years, thank Obama; if you lost your job and, as a consequence, your family lost its health care, thank Obama.” And say it, over and over again.

And you should add: “The problem is that Obama doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, but thinks he knows everything. He is the most incompetent and ideologically confused president in our life-time. The reason why the economy is not growing, jobs are not being created, businesses are closing, and families are losing their homes and health care is because Obama raises taxes when he should lower them, he issues regulations when he should freeze them, and he trash-mouths American industries when he should be promoting them here and abroad.”

You should also bring back the crucially important issue of our nation debt. For example: “By the end of this year, Obama will have added nearly $6.5 trillion to the nation debt, and that doesn’t include the trillions in new spending from Obamacare. Obama likes to whine about the economy he inherited from Presidents Clinton and Bush. Can you imagine the state of the economy I will be inheriting from Obama? Even worse, can you imagine the massive debt your family will be inheriting from Obama? The world has never seen anything like it.”

And I think a good label for Obama would be — “Obama, incompetent and reckless.”

Let’s get on with it.

If I were Romney I’d add that if I’d done anything illegal at Bain then come and charge me. If not, stop your whining. Then I would move on. Right now he’s wallowing in Bain-alities.

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