Obama’s View of Success

In Obama’s and the liberal world (well, they are one and the same), if you fail it’s because someone, something or society failed you.

If you’re in a lower income bracket, have kids out of wedlock, are a drug addict, on and on, the individual is a victim of others. So the government must come to your rescue.

After Friday’s Roanoke speech, we now learn from the president that if you succeed, that’s because of others, too. You had not thing to do with it, really; you’re just profiting from others’ labors. “If you’re successful, you didn’t do it on your own,” Obama said.

It’s an outrageous thing to say in America. Yet, he said it and many just shrug and agree. The rest of us are still trying to cope with it. It’s like a piece of radioactive waste, emitting harm throughout the country. He nuked us – verbally. Our ancestors are turning over in their graves.

One of the shocking omissions in this mindset, which shouldn’t be surprising, is the complete lack of reliance on God. No one has brought up the role of God in our nation’s success. We’ve credited him in the past for guiding the country. Now, according to this president, it is the work of the government alone that brings about all good. How far we’ve come from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!

The government doesn’t bring about bad, though, according to the Commander in Chief. Yesterday Glenn Beck and his cohorts on his radio show brought this quote to our attention: “The buck stops with you,” Obama said.

Hard to tell if his quote of Harry Truman was purposefully altered or if Obama is just that stupid. Whereas Truman said “the buck stops here” meaning the president’s desk, Obama is willing to fling it back at you.

Obama’s logic and thought processes are bewildering to say the least as they demonstrate in this clip:

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