Dem at the Door

Friday night the doorbell rang. I got up to answer it, looked through the window in the door and saw a young woman with a blue T shirt and a clip board.

I opened it, going outside to prevent two insistent dogs from joining me; one my own and one a guest. The young woman introduced herself as being with the Tennessee Democrat Party. The “enemy” at the door, so to speak! I was quite surprised that she had the nerve, insensitivity or lack of intelligence to knock on the door of someone with three Republican candidates’ signs in the yard.

I told her we were Republicans and to take a look at the garage which sports a sign “Republican Parking Only.” She nodded and left.

I then regretted that I had not let her give me her spiel. That’s a problem with us Republicans. We are not devious or conniving enough to listen to the opposition. They are trained in guerrilla warfare and deception. Frankly, we are not.

I also wondered if any of our candidates have been going door to door in Midtown. Rick Rout at one of our meetings said he intended to, but he did not attend our Midtown Fourth of July neighborhood event and I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone has door knocked.

Looking at the last election’s results in Midtown showed that the turnout was half Democrat and half Republican. Yet many give up on us. We’re in the game! Former Shelby GOP executive director Don Johnson has said that we have the votes in Shelby County. It’s largely a matter of turnout. He was proved correct in 2010.

Voter records indicate that there are roughly 60,000 registered Republicans in Shelby County, vs. about 45,000 registered Democrats. We could – and certainly should – win every election.

Our people have to be made painfully aware that every single office is important to them and to their future. They need to know how important they are. Midtown is especially important since it is a swing district. Win Midtown and you win Shelby County.

The Democrats even here can be beaten.

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