How the Cookie Crumbles

The August Family Circle magazine has the every four years cookie contest between the presidential candidates’ wives. It started in 1992 with a competition between Hilary Clinton’s cookie and Barbara Bush’s. Hilary’s won and since then Family Circle claims that the most popular cookie is an indicator of the election victor.

Except for 2008 when Cindy McCain’s got 54% of the vote, but John did not get into the Oval Office. So much for that conventional wisdom.

For the 2012 food fight, Michelle has placed her chips on “Mama Kaye’s White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.” She says “Every evening the President, the First Lady and their daughters sit down for a family dinner with good conversation and healthy food. If they want to splurge, they enjoy these White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies created by the girls’ godmother. It’s the Obamas’ idea of the perfect treat.”

We don’t have any idea of who Mama Kaye is. Going by Barack’s “autobiography” she’s a composite of someone. Who knows? What we do know is the cookie is full of fat. It has two sticks of butter and a stick of butter flavored Crisco plus one cup each of white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and mint chocolate chips.

Looks like she can’t get the black and white issue off her mind, but fat content concerns are out the window. Maybe the mint is a reference to Hispanics or gays. Ridiculous? Yes, but not when you consider that the O team doesn’t do a thing without a political motive baked in.

Ann Romney has picked an oat based cookie, which has been the winner in every contest. (Last time Michelle picked a shortbread recipe.) Hers also has peanut butter and M&Ms. Looks like the winner to me.

I am going to test each recipe and blind taste test it to people for their opinions of which is best.

I’ll post the results on this blog. Meantime, you can access the recipes here:

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