High Hopes

Height appears to be an indicator of which candidate will win a presidential election.

So I was interested when I ran across this item at aconservativeteacher.blogspot:

Another high school teacher mentioned an interesting theory to me this week when I was in Lansing working on education issues. According to this teacher and various other folk wisdoms about U.S. presidential politics, the taller of the two major-party candidates always wins or almost always wins modern day presidential elections. Recent elections sort of give evidence for this- of the last 21 elections (since 1928, when the media began to publish more pictures of candidates and focus more on the physical characteristics of candidates), the taller candidate has won 15 times and lost only 4 times (the other two times the candidates were the same height).

I’m a little biased myself being above average in height, but it appears that voters instinctively prefer taller candidates because they perceive of these people as being powerful and able to take on leadership roles ‘Height’ appears to be as good as any variable with predicting our next President, so let’s see what it predicts:

Barack Obama (Democrat-candidate) is 6’1″ tall.

Mitt Romney (Republican-candidate) is 6’2″ tall.


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