Worried About the Fox Poll?

The Ulstermanreport.com had a few things to say about the latest Fox News poll that shows Obama 49, Romney 40.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you gasp, particularly when yesterday’s Rassmussen poll – one that has a better record of being correct than Fox – has Romney up by 4.

Here’s Ulsterman’s take:

FIRST – the poll oversampled Democrats by +9. That obviously gives Barack Obama a strong statistical advantage right off.

SECOND – The Obama campaign and the DNC have been spending far more than they have taken in during the last few months in the hopes of defining Mitt Rommey to the American people because, as we already know, Barack Obama has almost NOTHING to run on pertaining to his own failed administration.

THIRD – The Romney campaign and the RNC and the conservative Super PACs limited their own anti-Obama spending during the month of July. They have amassed substantial sums of money, and are now poised to unleash a tsunami of counter attacks against Barack Obama, as well as further define the positives inherent in Mitt Romney.
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FOURTH – The truth about how the Obama campaign outright lied about knowledge of a false and highly negative ad that places blame on a woman’s death from cancer on Mitt Romney is just now beginning to be more widely known by the American public – the Obama backlash on that sickening display of in the dirt politics will not play out for a few more days yet.

And in related news – was given a little heads up regarding a possible cross country tour of Mitt Romney and his new Veep choice this weekend. Let’s see if that bit of information proves true…

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