Romney Picks Well

“We face a choice of 2 futures: stay on President’s path of debt & decline, or renew American idea & restore prosperity”

In a tweet, Paul Ryan summed up the whole presidential campaign. He also showed why his choice as Romney’s running mate is shrewd.

Yesterday on his radio program Rush Limbaugh was tearing his hair out. He has wanted the campaign to be a choice between the stark differences offered by conservatism and liberalism. Limbaugh read a column by Charles Krauthammer underscoring that ideology must be the election issue and rejoiced at his perspicacity.

Today Limbaugh and Krauthammer should be happy, as should conservatives throughout the country.

Although I was leaning towards Marco Rubio, I have seen Paul Ryan mow down liberal arguments about the economy like a lumberjack on steroids. As chairman of the House Budget committee he has a reservoir of knowledge on facts and figures and has learned how to deliver them in a way that is understandable.

When Obama met with legislators to discuss Obamacare it was Ryan who stood out as the best opposing voice. Since the Dems have liked to portray him as someone who would throw a wheelchaired granny over the cliff, Ryan should be accustomed to this attack and armed for it.

Being Catholic is another point in Ryan’s favor. Republicans need the Catholic vote and Ryan has agreed with the Church on its insistence on freedom of religion under attack in Obamacare.

Being from Wisconsin helps, too. Wisconsin has been leading the way towards reform for the past two years. Governor Scott Walker and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus are both from Wisconsin and have been steadfast in pushing conservative principles. It’s a swing state that keeps going red; maybe this will help push it into the red column on election day.

Conservatives who wondered if Romney could take it to Obama just got a yes in Paul Ryan. It puts him firmly on the conservative terra firma and gives us a fighter for the coming fray.

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