There He Goes Again

Well Little Sir Echo has done it again. Who’s that? Uncle Joe Biden, the guy who never seems to have an original idea and who never misses an opportunity to make a gaffe.

The same guy famous for plagiarizing British Labour Party’s Neil Kinnock decades ago, heard Paul Ryan on the campaign trail quote his father. So what did Plugs (Rush’s name for him after he got hair follicle transfers) do? He picked up the theme, bashed Ryan’s dad and “quoted” his own:

How desperate do you have to be to come up with that howler? Can any of us imagine our dad telling us that as we were growing up? Or can you imagine telling your own child that?

The DC Caller commented:

Biden was suggesting that Paul Ryan’s House budget plan demonstrated that the Republican ticket didn’t have wholesome values. But Biden the elder was likely referring to people’s individual budgets — not a national budget plan. And Papa Biden’s test would demonstrate that his son’s values don’t include much compassion for the most needy Americans.

According to the vice president’s 2011 personal tax returns, Joe Biden and his wife Jill earned $379,035. Of that hefty sum, the two contributed a paltry $5,540 to charity, or less than 2 percent of their income.

By comparison, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann donated $7 million to charity, or roughly 16.4% of their income, over a two year period, according to their 2010 tax returns and the estimate for their 2011 taxes.

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