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I enjoy reading the White House Insider, a sort of deep throat in the Obama administration who regrets helping put Obama there. He sends missives to another mysterious person, Ulsterman, who shares them on facebook.

Is it all true and real? I can’t say that for sure, but the observations he makes often pan out correctly later.

Yesterday “Ulsterman” shared this:

A quick on-the-road communication from a longtime D.C. political operative rips the cover off of what is being reported as a surprise visit by President Barack Obama to the daily White House press briefing. This was no surprise visit – it was a carefully planned and staged event with the complicit cooperation of White House approved media figures all intended to gain political points by reigniting the now old and tired “war on women” ploy.

Here’s what the Insider shared:

You asked for more real time updates, so thought you might like to know the following. If you haven’t seen it yet, president staged a surprise visit to the WHpc today. WH handlers had made contact with at least three members of media beforehand. They wanted to ensure question on the Akin rape comments was asked. Prepared notes for response by president were rehearsed. The moment was to provide campaign with a “soundbite backdrop” to fire up the war on women tactic they believe provided a bump in the polls couple months back. This kind of thing isn’t new. Pretty common with administrations to have some media folks they can cherry pick during a p.c.

Thing on this though is that WH staff divided on whether or not to run with this one. They are not sure some guy running for Senator is right to try and make a national campaign issue out of it and they fear the Romney team has a prepared response to create backlash. This shows a couple things. One, Romney and Ryan are totally in the Obama team’s head. Got them biting each other up pretty regular now. Second, they are losing confidence in how to run a national campaign big time.

I’m not going to share which side of the argument I think is the right one on this. Don’t want to give an assist to the Obama folks. I’ll just say that the final decision came down to “get him out there” and that is what happened. Obama was pushed out onto the stage with some crib notes and instructions to wait for the abortion question. The question came and the president read from his notes. If you find a video of it, you will notice him looking down at those notes. I had to laugh when Obama tries to manufacture outrage when he gets to that word. You can see the little rodent in his head spinning around the wheel telling him to “act outraged” but the guy just can’t pull it off anymore. What Akin said was clumsy but it sure as hell wasn’t what the media and Obama are trying to spin it off as. That’s the game being played there though, so that is that. They are gonna try and make this a national issue, move some swing state numbers, we’ll see about that.

Oh, and one other thing. BC (Bill Clinton) is negotiating the content with the Obama team for the convention. They are trying to tell Clinton what he can and cannot talk about. BC told them to go f-ck themselves. That they need him not the other way around. Pretty sure Bill is gonna get his way on this one. Not sure what the payback for him is on this but there has got to be one. More than just the national spotlight. No, he’s gonna squeeze Obama for everything he can. A Clinton never forgives. Never.

Did you catch that Newsweek cover? The Old Man (his confrere, a Wall St. Insider) must have added another zero on the check for that one.

Almost forgot. There was a big to do over FnF (Fast and Furious) inside the Republican leadership. One of them, I didn’t get a name, but one of them threatened either the Speaker or the Senate minority leader. The threat was to go public now with information instead of waiting it out. Apparently the leadership is telling him they must roll it out careful, that the timing is good for the election, etc. This guy has had it with that sh-t. He is telling them politics shouldn’t have anything to do with it. That it needs to be an all or nothing moment. That tells me some kind of information got out during the investigation. Or somebody told them there is something in those docs that are being covered up when Obama declared Executive Privilege. That’s me guessing but nothing else makes sense. This guy has been pretty quiet following the party line lead on all of this for months and now he’s extremely pissed off. When that kind of in-house defection happens, look for leaks. They often soon follow. Will follow up if I get specifics on who it was screaming at the leadership. Republicans don’t normally carry on like that, so it’s got to be something significant.


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