In the past two months, our side has been handed two huge defeats. Not by the Left, not by the media, but by two of our own.

In June it was Chief Justice John Roberts who dealt 300 million plus people in this country a terrible sentence. In supporting Obamacare, Roberts forced this deadly system onto Americans who overwhelmingly and continually opposed it. Why? I cannot believe it was for the ideological excuses he gave. Roberts’ insistence that Congress has the right to tax us – even though the proponents argued it was not a tax – was inexcusable poor logic. Even he must have blushed at uttering this one.

Something or someone got to him. I will firmly believe this no matter how much he protests. Roberts put his own skin, his own welfare and future ahead of the lives of 300 million people, plus generations to come.

The only hope we have of reversing this disaster got another blow yesterday. Todd Akin should have given up his quest for the Missouri Senate seat, which would have eased the path towards the repeal of Obamacare. He would have allowed someone with better chances to win that seat and give us a majority in the Senate. It would have given Mitt Romney a boost politically instead of the knife in the back he gave Romney and us.

But no, Akin, again one of our own, could not put the good of others – 300 million others – ahead of his slimy self. Everyone from Mark Levin to Rush Limbaugh to Charles Krauthammer to Romney himself implored him. He was resolute.

In Democrats and liberals this kind of behavior is expected. We never think they put the country first because they don’t. Democrat politics is all about their side clinging to power whatever it takes.

When one of ours does it, it’s a complete shock. It’s not the Republican way.

Sadly, it may be the new American way.

When you see people prostituting themselves and their families for TV exposure; when you see young people refusing to engage in civics by not voting or caring; when you see people who care more about sports scores than Congressional votes; when students can’t even name our vice president but know the intimate details of celebrity lives you know the nation is in trouble.

In this case, Roberts and Akin should come as no surprise.

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