“Liking” Akin

Kevin Dujan at Hillbuzz has a good suggestion. “TAKE ACTION: leave a message on Todd Akin’s Facebook page telling him what you think of his prideful idiocy.

“Congressman Todd Akin has a Facebook page setup where he’s asking people to “support him” as he “stands up to all those who want him to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race”.

This man is the most sinfully prideful human being I’ve ever seen who wasn’t an immediate member of the Obama family.

He really needs to hear from you on that Facebook page, letting him know that you do not support him or the ignorant things he said last weekend about rape and “magical uteruses”. It’s about more than him “saying the wrong word”, as he continues to claim…it’s about him giving Democrats a .weapon they wanted to use against Republicans in this election that they didn’t have until Akin opened his mouth.”

Already there is evidence that candidates ahead of the polls in swing states before he let fly his stupidity are now dropping behind. Here’s his facebook page: www.facebook.com/supportakin. Go ahead and tell him what you think of him.

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