Why Isaac Might Help Mitt

That’s the counterintuitive take of Erin McPike in Realclearpolitics.com.

McPike has a point. There has been handwringing among some Republicans and rejoicing among some Democrats. But will it really harm the convention after all?

Some of our fellow Americans have no idea what’s going on. This hype may prompt some to look into the convention.

Then there’s always the media. They can be counted on to go overboard on something like Isaac and will overstep and offend voters. Ditto with Obama. It will be hard for him to resist making snide comments. He’ll go off teleprompter and embarrass himself once again.

McPike adds this:

Isaac hasn’t really rained that hard on Mitt Romney’s parade. He did downpour on Joe Biden’s, though.

With most of the convention proceedings stalled, there was a pall Monday over “East Berlin,” as many GOP operatives have dubbed Tampa for the steep security measures in place. Major news organizations diverted some of their resources to New Orleans, where the tropical storm is due to make landfall — likely as a full-fledged hurricane — later this week. (Of course, the broadcast networks were never planning to cover Monday night’s proceedings, anyway.)

And yet, while Isaac might be buzz kill for some convention-goers, it could wind up streamlining the message that comes out of the convention.

Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, who also serves as the event’s secretary, is looking on the bright side.

“The condensed amount of time helps us pack more punch into three days,” she said. “Everyone will be very focused on what Mitt and Ann Romney have to say.”

She added that the rain has kept protesters at bay.

“It’s kept them busy,” Reynolds said. “They’ve had to make alternative plans. That’s a good thing.”

Indeed, at least on Monday, there were no protesters anywhere near the convention site.

And perhaps the biggest protester of all, Vice President Biden, had planned to visit Tampa this week to defend the Obama administration in the face of wide-open attacks from an energized Republican base. Isaac derailed his plans too.

Three nights is plenty. After that, I’m afraid most Americans will tune out.

Just ignore the doom and gloomers and watch what there is and enjoy it.

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