Rubio’s Time

The immigrant story thread that went through so many convention speeches colored Marco Rubio’s sensational talk last night, too.

Why? Because it is a powerful part of what America is all about. Rubio reminded us that it is what forged our country. Yes, we built it. Now it is in danger of being torn down.

Rubio spoke of his father who knew he would never achieve the American dream, but his kids could and did. “There was no limit on how far I would go because I was an American,” Rubio elaborated. Now the very things that drove him to leave his own country and come to America are the very things Obama wants to do to this country. That summed up well why this is such a critical time.

Rubio passionately delivered some of the best lines of the convention. “Prosperity didn’t happen because government spent some money,” he said. Obama’s “not a bad person, he’s just a bad president. His slogan of ‘Forward’ should be ‘Backwards’ because it’s all based on tired, old, big government ideas.” “The only change is that hope has been hard to find. Hope and change became divide and conquer.”

Whenever you see Rubio, the inescapable feeling that you are looking at a president comes through. The man is the real thing.

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