Uncle Sam I Am

“Government is the only thing we all belong to” was the message at last night’s DNC convention. Here’s a clip they played:

Shades of Dr. Seuss! Were they thinking of Uncle Sam I Am in his classic “Green Eggs and Ham?”

In Green Eggs and Ham Sam I Am tries to impose his will on everyone else.

From Wikipedia:

A character known as “Sam I Am” pesters an unnamed character to taste a bizarre-looking dish of green eggs and ham. He declines, claiming to dislike green eggs and ham. However, the persistent Sam I Am will not cease following him around and trying to encourage him to try the green eggs and ham, asking him if he will sample the dish if he does it in various locations (like a boat or a house) and with an assortment of dining partners (like a goat or a mouse). At the end, the unnamed character gives in to Sam I Am’s pestering and takes a bite of green eggs and ham, which he finds he does indeed like.

He finally succeeds. Only for us, the American people, it’s not green eggs and ham. That would never make it into Michelle’s shopping cart (well, at least not when anyone’s looking). Instead Uncle Sam I Am insists on Obamacare, green energy, more taxes, regulations on small businesses and crony capitalism.

Uncle Sam I am replaces God, parents, church, business leaders, social clubs, family – anything in his way.

No wonder so many of us feel we are living in a surreal, cartoonish America.

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