Who Is Like Unto God?

That is what St. Michael “uttered in his disbelief that someone would claim to be like God. That someone was another angel named Lucifer,” according to Biblical tradition.

You can’t escape thinking about that after last night’s DNC convention. Have they replaced Him with Government? Earlier, they had eliminated God and Jerusalem from their platform. How unbelievable is that? Who would seek to exclude God from anything?

They must have gotten a lot of bad blow back from that omission because the Democrats then decided to amend the platform. However, it doesn’t sound like the voting delegates in the audience agreed with this, if you listen to this video.

Evidently that wasn’t the vote Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the man at the podium, wanted. It took him three tries and three times they denied God (sound familiar). If you listen carefully, you can hear the woman next to him suggest he just go ahead and ignore it and read the teleprompter. The Rightscoop reports that

“Hannity reveals that the DNC teleprompter was already loaded with language instructing the DNC leader to force the God/Jerusalem language back into the party platform, regardless the actual vote by the delegates.”

Here’s the proof:

Aside from showing how the members of the Democrat party really feel about God and religion, this little display also shows their inner workings. We’ve seen it time and again. If Democrats don’t like the vote, they find a way around it. Remember Florida in 2000? They keep voting until the desired result via the courts/false information/the media. If they still don’t like it, Democrats just make new rules or outright lie to make what they want happen.

It would not be in their interest to show a religious, Christian country that they don’t believe in God. Not before an election. It would turn too many people off, so they had to finesse it.

Yesterday Memphis radio talk show host Ben Ferguson got a caller on this topic. He said he was African American. He went on to discuss how Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chairman, had argued that it was the deeds people do, not their talk of God, that matters. He swallowed the whole line. I wish Ferguson had asked him if he worshipped deeds or God, but he didn’t. The guy went on to talk about how hateful Bible toting Southerners are. Didn’t sound like a Christian attitude.

No matter, the man would not be dissuaded from his faith in the Democrats and Obama.

But most moderate independent Americans will not swallow this. What’s next, the golden calf? Putting yourselves in God’s place is a disaster of Biblical proportions.

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