Romney Needs to Make These Points

Is the Romney campaign stalling?

With bad news everywhere and a president who refuses to talk about issues but prefers blaming others, Romney seems to have a gift dropped at his feet with the Mideast turmoil, QE3 and bad economic news. But he doesn’t even seem to pick it up. You have to wonder if his campaign people are blind and/or deaf or just too tired from two years of campaigning to make the final mile.

Ever since the attack on the Libyan embassy Romney ran out and made a statement, then like a mouse, receded into his hole. He wasn’t present to refute the ridiculous attacks on the appropriateness of his statement the Obama media chorus repeated. He has let them blame him and a little known or seen trailer on YouTube rather than talk about Obama’s miserable foreign policy.

The campaign sent Paul Ryan to the Values Voters conference this weekend and he did well. Why didn’t Romney go? His schedule was clear this weekend. It would have enthused the base. Why weren’t any of his people on the Sunday shows? Are they timid?

Where are the big ideas? Where’s the campaign slogan? Where are his talking points?

Hugh Hewitt, a talk radio host and big Romney fan, has suggested a concise reply to the “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.” He offers “The threat is growing and the economy isn’t.”

It’s not great, but it’s better than what’s out there – nothing.

He also suggests Romney emphasize these points against Obama:

*He has wrecked the “recovery,” and is in the process of insisting on a recession via massive tax hikes as an exercise in the politics of envy. Unemployment is actually much higher than 8.2% and the president’s policies are shutting the door on the prospects of a hiring surge.

*He has run up astounding amounts of debt that will cause the dollar to weaken and inflation to arrive with vengeful force.

*He has wrecked Medicare by looting it of $500 billion and Obamacare’s roll out via the IPAB will institute rationing for seniors even as premiums in the private sector skyrocket and Medicaid collapses.

*He is stripping the military of men and assets, reducing the American nuclear deterrent even as he denies our conventional forces of their edge via deep across-the-board cuts.

*He telegraphs weakness to all of our enemies and our enemies respond.

*He is stacking the courts with hard-left judges –including gone who struck down even his own detention policy Friday– and will stack the Supreme Court with more votes for the full flowering of government in a second term likely to see at least two vacancies.

What’s not to like about a ruined America?

Hewitt doesn’t even get to the highest price for gas ever on its way to an even higher number, home energy costs up (“the price of energy will necessarily skyrocket,” Obama said), death panels, the shutdown of and small businesses, more corruption like Solyndra and crony capitalism and his power grab overstepping Congress. All these things will be escalated in a second term.

Today Politico is running a story about infighting in the Romney campaign. Something’s afoot and something’s amiss. It better get cleaned up now or the country, along with Romney, will be lost.

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