This Is Not Who We Are

The Obama soldiers think they threw a grenade into the Romney camp today with the release of a tape in which Romney decries reaching the 47% of Americans who depend on government for existence.

Count me among those who think this is or can be a fortunate development for Romney.

High time the 53% who support the 47% got a wake up call. Many toil every day, doing their best, paying their taxes, saving for their families, taking care of their bills. Often, they do not have the time or inclination to dig deep and find out how much of their hard come salaries end up going to able bodied Americans who are, in essence, just slackers.

Not to say there isn’t a segment of the population that needs a hand. Not to say that there aren’t hungry kids who need food. Not to say that many people aren’t disabled and unable to fend for themselves. It’s just that a good portion of them aren’t. Many just would rather sit on the couch and watch Dr. Oz, Katie or The Price Is Right, collect their checks and subsist.

They have settled for getting by in a country where we have focused on excelling. At least until the past few years.

This is what Romney needs to stress. He needs to tell the 47% that they can do better and they are entitled to more than a measly government check. He needs to tell them that this is not who we are as a country. We are not Spain, we are not Kenya, we are not Tunisia. We got ourselves out of the Great Depression (even though FDR successfully prolonged it as long as he could). We got ourselves to the moon while no other country has. We achieved the best medical care for all – even the poor – in the history of the world.

Then Romney needs to tell them that the way out is through jobs, something Barack Obama has failed miserably at. No one really wants to be dependent on a government that is run by heartless bureaucrats who could care less about an individual.

He needs to talk about the future, as well. Of the 53% who pay for the others, very few are in the millionaire/billionaire category. And that means that money for the 47% by necessity must be pulled more and more by the middle class. Then what happens when they are exhausted? Well take a look at Greece and Spain right now. Everyone has been pulled down to a level none of us wants to experience. How can they get out of it? They might not.

Let’s hope the Romney people recognize the opportunity they now have. If they are deft, this quote can be turned around in their favor. It’s time they recognized the need for offense and the need to go over the media to the people themselves. They can do this by making the news, not by becoming the news.

Bet they’d have most Americans cheering them.

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