Too Many Questions Still Unanswered

People on the internet are beginning to connect the dots about the death of our ambassador in Libya, the administration’s changing storyline about it and the odd circumstances around it.

Something’s not right – that is obvious. It hasn’t made sense from the beginning. The more we learn about it, the less clear it becomes.

For instance, why did Stevens have to get to Libya in the hold of a cargo ship? That doesn’t make sense. He was not a newcomer to foreign relations. He had to know he was in a dangerous place. Why didn’t have have an armed guard?

Did you know that one of the SEALS killed, Glen Doherty, was one who rescued Jessica Lynch and also shot the Somali pirates in ’09? Did you know the other one, Sean Smith, was an expert in gaming and messaging? He sent an alarming message as the embassy was being attacked.

Why would they be caught off guard? There are some interesting explanations popping up on blogs.

First, from the White House Insider at the Ulsterman Report. Here he’s being interviewed:

UM: How about the Middle East stuff? The embassy attacks? I have been trying to get out as much information on that as possible. Is that going to hurt Obama like it should?

WHI: It will – it IS hurting him. Not as much as it should – media is in 24/7 protect mode. That whole things stinks…not just the president’s reaction to it. Not just the lying by the administration…but the fella who was killed…that ambassador. Now this is me – this is just me thinkin’ here. What my gut is tellin’ me on this…that guy was no ambassador. Officially yeah – but off the books. He was CIA. Had to have been. You made a comment in one of your stories…’bout how it was like Fast and Furious except in the Middle East. Somethin’ like that.

UM: That if Obama was willing to arm Mexican drug lords, why not Muslim extremists.

WHI: Right – somethin’ like that. Think you might a nailed it there without knowing it. You meant it as…like a bit of sarcasm there at the end of what you wrote – but you actually said what the real deal is. Obama sent a sh-tload of weapons into Libya during the Gaddafi thing. Had no idea who they were going to…just…tens of millions of dollars worth of high grade weaponry. Now you think folks like al Qaeda and other militant groups won’t notice? It was a take what you need weapons supermarket courtesy of the Obama government for them! Not much different than what happened in Egypt.

UM: How so?

WHI: You got Egypt. You got Libya. Both of them were run by…basically they guys running the show were non-practicing Muslims, right? Mubarak – he couldn’t stand the Muslim hardliners and he beat the sh-t out of them every chance he got. Him and his military cronies. So he kept the peace that way. He kept business open to American and European interests. Things weren’t perfect, but a hell of a lot better than say,Iran. He could tell Iran to shut the f-ck up, and Iran had to consider it because Egypt had some real muscle. It had a military, and it had the backing of the West.

Now Libya…Gadaffi was a real sh*t. Sick bastard. But like Mubarak – he didn’t like the Muslim hardliners in Libya either. Especially if they were gonna cause trouble for him. So he would intimidate the sh-t out of them too. At least over the last decade or so. Gaddafi had two coming to God moments in his life. The first was when Reagan bombed the hell out of his palace. He knew he coulda died then. He knew the West could come in and take his life if it wanted. So he moderated. Then there was 9-11. And when Bush went into Iraq and did his thing – they found Hussein and put him on trial and hung the bastard…that scared the hell out of Gaddafi. Really got inside his head. So he moderated some more. He was actually…my understanding…he was actually becoming a regular contributor to our Intel. By that time he couldn’t stand al Qaeda anymore than we could. Maybe less so because they posed an even more direct threat to him.

And what happens? The dumbest pile of sh-t that has ever sat in that White House helps to force Mubarak and Gaddafi out – and we got no real plan for the aftermath. All kinds of people are telling the administration the Muslim Brotherhood could take over Egypt. Could take over Libya. They either ignored those warning or that is EXACTLY what they wanted to happen.

They are warned that Gadaffi’s departure will create more chaos in Libya and there are a sh-tload of weapons that will be unaccounted for. That is exactly what happens. Obama doesn’t give a sh-t. Too busy golfing. Doing the talk shows. Right? Telling Israel to go f-ck themselves. Dancing around Iran instead of punching them right in their f-cking face. Jarrett is Iranian. Jarrett has long ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. You would think, maybe for one f-cking second, enough people in the media would think maybe – just maybe…we should take a closer look at all this.

What if that ambassador fella…what if he was killed by weapons sent there by Barack Obama? Just like you said in that off-handed way. And what if there are tens of thousands of those weapons being used by al Qaeda right now? Maybe on their way to the Israeli border? And not just guns ‘cause that’s not all we were sending into Libya you know. We’re talking some high powered take down an airliner kinda stuff.

And take it a bit further. We did that. And we did it knowingly. We did it willingly. The Obama White House. Their hand picked stooges in the military, in State. They did that.

Now let me go one little step more here. What if that ambassador…well…let’s say he came across certain information…damaging to the administration. Why is he flying into that consulate in Benghazi? Cover of night. No security precautions. Anti-Western sentiment reaching critical levels. It’s almost like he was trying to keep his whereabouts unknown to his own government. Right? And that bullsh-t little YouTube video thing? It had been out for…what – months? Nobody gave a sh-t about it. NOBODY.

But then it is being used as the spark to start the fire? Who did that? Who would want to get those sand…get those people are riled up like that? And the administration – they are saying it was that video right out of the gate, right? Like it was a packaged excuse ready to go. Packaged means it was part of something bigger. A bigger plan, right?

UM: (Interrupts) Hold on – I apologize. I just want to ask you if this is all your own speculation – or if you received information. (Military Insider?) You’re getting pretty specific here – and that usually – all the times we’ve done this…usually means you received information from another source.

WHI: This is me. Just me.

…so like I said…the video thing…it’s part of a packaged plan. They are running that excuse HARD. Libyans are saying it’s bullsh-t. London media…they got a sh-tload of people in Libya too who know – there is stuff going on between us and the Brits…they ain’t happy with Obama. Not all of them.

So basically everyone BUT the Obama administration is saying the Benghazi attack was pre-planned, right? Terrorist attack. And what is Barack Obama doing right at that time? He’s flying to Vegas. He’s doing goofy interviews. His White House just keeps repeating the video excuse over and over again.

So is this all just a pile of incompetent sh-t by the Obama administration? By Clinton? Did you notice how Defense said very little? And the CIA…Petraeus… has said nothing? In this town, some times the ones speaking the loudest are the ones not saying a word.

UM: And then we get the “secret” Romney 47% video released.

WHI: Right – right. Obama was starting to take on just a little bit of heat on the Middle East sh-t and that tape comes out. That thing wasn’t meant to come out this early. Late October, maybe – certainly not now. But they are so spooked and confused over the polling data, they released it sooner. That means the Middle East situation has them afraid. People are actually asking some questions now. Sniffing around the situation just a bit. And if they get somebody in the military…somebody like that…to go on the record with this…with whatever had that ambassador acting so strangely right before he was killed…well-well-well…

UM: So you’re going conspiracy on this?

WHI: Oh yeah. That was no accidental killing of the ambassador. And it wasn’t just al-Qaeda acting alone. They had approval. From somebody linked with our side of the fence.

UM: And you’re really just speculating here?

WHI: (Pause) …Sure. Just me on this…just me thinking on Barack Obama – the Butcher of Benghazi.

UM: That has a ring to it.

WHI: The truth often does.

Here’s another speculation that seems to make sense:

“Chris Stevens was the CIA operative in charge of funding the Libyan rebels (who used Benghazi as a stonghold) and equipping them with arms. Now fast forward to today. As a matter of routine or as a special case the US now needs to round up the weapons it distributed. It would be a tragic embarrassment to have Americans in Libya killed by weapons issued by America. Other operatives gather the weapons in a place in Benghazi. The Libyans want to deal with the man himself who brokered the original deal not his “delegate” for “security” reasons. So Stevens gets a short notice call while in Europe that he needs to get to Libya ASAP. He flies into an undisclosed location and gets in an unarmored car to not attract attention. Something goes wrong with the deal and he is transfered to a consulate “safe house” which is nothing more elaborate than a rental house with burglar bars on the window. He and his security detail are inside and Sean Smith notices that cops are taking pictures of the exits (very strange and alarming) and posts his situation on the gaming website not because he has a hankering for some gaming but because he sees his situation is very bad and this is the only way (or the established way) to get a message out.

“Rockets hit. The SEALS die. Stevens dies of smoke inhalation. Then the attackers make a phone call to the organizers that the riots should now begin (Stevens died very shortly before the riots began. Coincidence? You would expect him to die after they started since the violence in the protests is blamed as the cause of his death.)

“And now we’ve learned that the State Department has been in negotiations with Egypt to release Omar Abdel Rahman–the blind sheik responsible for the first World Trade Center bombing. Would this have been another appeasement to the Muslim Brotherhood had not the story been broken? (Since the story broke, a group of congressmen have issued an unequivical warning to the State Department that they should not and will not release the blind sheik.)

“What’s going on here?”

From the blog comes more:

“It should also be known and understood that communications between and among the leadership of terror networks is performed on the Internet by means of dynamic chat rooms and similar websites. The most clandestine communications are found on the sites of video games and other computer games. Here, open chatter, instruction, and planning take place under the guise and cover of gaming. Such is the case in the matter of weapons and the terror attacks we are witnessing in the Middle East.

“One of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi was Sean Smith, who was known for his online gaming and social media skills. He and Ambassador Stevens, as well as the two other special operators from Wind Zero, were executing a CIA and State Department mission to track not only Qaddafi’s weapons, but to trace any and all weapons trafficking in the regions. Smith was the information officer at the Benghazi mission and likely was too close to having uncovered intelligence that pinpointed key players both in and outside of Libya. Intelligence was shared with the CIA, which does enforce the drone program, whether inside Libya, stemming from the mission to remove Qaddafi, or in other hot-spots in the Middle East.

“The single Obama regime method of processing the ‘kill list’ is to use drone strikes and having proven intelligence as provided by Sean Smith and the two retired SEALS via Wind Zero connecting the dots of weapons, money, and names, led to the violent event and their deaths in Benghazi. It was never about a video. That pretense was concocted as cover and the State Department, as well as radical Muslims had their hand in disseminating that disinformation.”

In today’s world, sadly, we cannot depend on the American media to even question what’s going on. For more than a week they were happy to swallow the administration’s story that the YouTube video caused it. Now they are being forced to ask a few questions, but it probably won’t last long.

It falls on the few who want to know the truth to dig deeper. For now, I wouldn’t rule anything out. Especially with this administration and the election cycle.

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