Who’s the “Boss”?

“Boss,” a show that is in its second season on Starz network, has Kelsey Grammer in the lead role as the long time mayor of Chicago. Mayor Kane is married to the daughter of the previous Chicago boss. Even though Kane finds out he has a degenerative neurological disorder, dementia with Lewy bodies, he clings to power and has no intention of stepping down.

Immediately Mayor Daley and his family, long time mayors of Chicago, come to mind, minus the disease. But as I watch the season unfurl, someone else seems to be the suggested boss.

Grammer is a well known Republican in Hollywood. His status allows him to get away with admitting it. His company is the one behind the show. So why did he choose Chicago?

Was it to highlight shenanigans behind President Obama? Michelle is also the daughter of a prominent Chicago politician. His aides, Axelrod and Plouffe, are as relentless and devious as Kane’s. But it wasn’t until the second season that similarities began to surface.

Kane takes the lead in a public housing project. He decides he wants to tear it down, something that requires tenant evictions and temporary housing. This week the Washington Examiner looked into Obama’s past and found a little talked about episode in his life. As a community organizer he was very much involved in Chicago housing efforts, but they were more directed to his gain of power and money than concern for the poor. As a lawyer he defended the prominent Chicago landlord who evicted his black tenants in -19 degree weather, and won him a fine of only $50. So much for compassion for the poor.

Note, too, that Obama’s top aide, Valerie Jarrett, was also involved in sleazy land deals in which she profited greatly from the poor. And don’t forget Tony Rezko.

Hmm. Is Grammer suggesting Americans look into Obama’s Chicago past?

Then we have the storyline about the mayor’s disease. Is this intended to point us to health problems of Obama? You can’t find out much about the president’s health in public documents. Breitbart.com said just last month:

While Obama has released a decade or so worth of tax returns, otherwise, he is the furthest thing from an “open book” when it comes to his medical records — which he refuses to release. And yet, there stood Obama unchallenged by the lapdog media as he implied he’s an “open book” about those very same medical records. And these records are important and relevant, especially in light of the fact that Obama is a former smoker (so we’re told) and an admitted illegal drug abuser (including cocaine). The fact that one heartbeat away sits a barely-functional moron also comes into play.

Why would a president in his early 50s, who doesn’t appear to have had any operations or conditions, refuse health records? McCain at his advanced age provided buckets of them.

What about Obama’s complete reliance on the teleprompter? When he doesn’t have one he often gets into trouble. Remember this?

It was just one of many occasions when the Commander in Chief couldn’t seem to concentrate. Is there a deeper reason for this than campaign fatigue?

And what’s the deal with this scar on his head?

A reporter once asked about it but got the silent treatment.

Do I think Obama suffers from a degenerative disease? Who knows? But why does he refuse to disclose his medical records?

I don’t know if Grammer is trying to communicate something through this show, but it is intriguing.

Hillbuzz pointed out the other day how Matt Drudge has suggested in his word choice for headlines that Obama is gay. Hillbuzz studied them over time and concluded that Drudge was ingeniously alluding to it without coming out and saying it.

Could it be that a Hollywood actor is doing something similar with his show? Interestingly, even though Grammer’s performance as Kane has been praised as one of the best on TV, an Emmy nomination eluded him. Perhaps they know something many of us don’t.

It’s the Chicago – and Hollywood – way.

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