Questions and Questions About Questions

Last week it was reported that a full 60% of Americans don’t believe the media. The number is probably higher than that since the poll was taken before the Libya Embassy problems and the death of Ambassador Stevens. Since then we have learned that the media failed to question the administration’s absurd spin on the event. They swallowed and regurgitated the Obama people’s story that some unseen YouTube video was behind the deaths, not their policy.

Then spokesman Jay Carney switched in a snap and told us it was “self evident” that the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack. The media acted like the previous story had never happened.

They don’t question anything from the Obama people anymore. Instead, they are lemmings, following him to the death of journalism.

Jack Cashill, an author who has examined everything he could find about Obama, has a few suggested questions that have never been raised by reporters.

Who wrote Dreams from My Father and why it matters
Obama’s “Seattle years” and why he concealed them
042-68-4425: Just why does Obama have a Connecticut SSN?
The original birther: why did Obama tell the world he was “born in Kenya”?
Why did Barack Obama let Dr. Terry Lakin go to jail?
Was the 2-minute gap in the Romney tape just another “error”?

World Net Daily would like to know why several of Obama’s records from his college years remain off-limits to the public, including his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles and his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago.”

This is basic information. You would think at least one among them would show some curiosity. No.

As the election approaches, they are not only silent about Obama, but they also have moved into deception. Joel Pollak of notes that

The mainstream media is faking every number is can get away with to save President Barack Obama. Not content with weighting poll samples with absurd Democrat margins, or spinning high unemployment rates, the media is now faking crowd numbers for Obama’s events. The Associated Press is the latest offender, calling a Milwaukee, Wisconsin crowd that did not exist “the largest yet of Obama’s reelection campaign.”

Tom Blumer of NewsBusters caught the AP in the lie, building on an article at Breitbart News that showed that both Politico and the Wall Street Journal had reported turnout for Obama at the Sep. 21 event as 18,000–at an arena that only held 5,000 people.

Though the arena was nearly full–and local media reported that more were outside the arena–there is no evidence whatsoever that the 13,000 people needed to make up the difference actually showed up. No images of that crowd have yet been produced.

The AP’s take: “The crowd of about 18,000 in a steady drizzle was the largest yet of Obama’s reelection campaign.” And yet the AP did not count the audience. Nor did the Wall Street Journal. Nor did Politico.

So where did the official-sounding number come from? The Obama campaign, according to Politico–which was the only one of the three that had the minimal integrity to report the source of the estimate (though not to challenge it).

When the mainstream media calls a crowd is “the largest yet,” but overestimates it by a factor of three or even four, you have a pretty good idea of how far they are willing to go to re-elect their patron saint.

How many Americans have completely abandoned mainstream media news? It must grow daily. Perhaps the media are counting on Obama’s reelection so that he can pour money into their ever shrinking operations.

They’d better not count on it. Lemmings probably think they are headed to something good, too, if they follow their leader. Doesn’t turn out well for them, does it?

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