Saturday night I got an email from ShelbyGOP saying that Fox was going to run Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America the next night.

There had been talk about it appearing on a network before the election, so I assumed it was true. Sunday morning when I listened to Fox News I heard no mention of it. Odd. Checking their schedule, there was no listing for it at the 8 p.m. hour in which it was to be shown.

Perhaps it was on another network? No. No listing or mention. Monday I read that the whole thing was now available on YouTube. Again, why go to it or purchase the DVD when it comes out if you can see it for free? That afternoon I saw it was illegally downloaded.

So what was going on?

It appears these were hoaxes to prevent people from going to the movie and to suppress box office. They probably worked.

What is it about this film that so alarms the Obama administration? What doesn’t he want Americans to see? For an administration that is already trying to oust freedom of speech by targeting the YouTube video as the flame that burned up the Muslim world, this is another sign of their designs.

Too bad the media and Hollywood are the last to understand what danger Obama poses for them.

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