Election a Matter of Life and Death

Obamacare has fallen by the wayside as one of the top issues discussed in the Romney campaign. Why? More than half the country hates it, Romney has promised to repeal it, yet he hasn’t touched it lately. It’s a proven winner for him.

Perhaps Romneycare makes it something he doesn’t want to bring up on the trail, but if so, that’s a fatal mistake. No issue has riled Americans like that one did. It brought the GOP the greatest number of House seats in memory, a Republican senator to Massachusetts and a robust presidential primary.

Americans have come to understand that the bill was rammed down our throats and passed through Democrat trickery concerning the reconciliation process. We also know that it gives Kathleen Sebelius, HHR Secretary, the power of life and death over us. “As the Secretary deems” is her magic wand to deal with any issue she pleases. I shudder whenever I think of it.

Instapundit adds that Obama broke his promise and the Affordable Care Act will take more out of wallets, not less as he told us. In fact, a lot more:

John Merline over at Investor’s Business Daily reports that the new Kaiser Family Foundation employee benefits survey reveals that employer-based health insurance premiums have risen a whopping 9.5% in 2011 and another 4.5% so far in 2012, due in large part to the insurance “reforms” of Obamacare such as mandatory coverage of kids to age 26, mandatory loss ratios of 85%+, mandatory free preventive care, etc. So much for President Obama’s pledge to cut health insurance premiums by $2,500 in his first term.

Even worse news? Premium increases will skyrocket in 2014, when the (most expensive) remainder of Obamacare health insurance “reforms” kick in, including the mandate to buy health insurance, elimination of annual and lifetime coverage caps, mandatory community rating bands and prohibition of the use of pre-existing conditions for underwriting.

Some seniors are not getting Mitt and Paul Ryan’s earlier message that Obamacare will snatch much of Medicare money once it’s enacted. The AARP is waging a potent campaign against them and it may be working. R & R need to get back to this issue and pound Obama about it.

It’s not enough to wait for the debates to get the message across. The debate moderators will collaborate with Team O on the questions, timing and subjects. Collusion in ’08 recently was alleged concerning the phrase “an orgy of spending” used by Obama at the suggestion and then implementation against McCain. For all we know, these lib questioners may not even touch the subject. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Taxes, foreign policy and jobs are important issues. But what is more important than your life? Older people face the prospect of being denied care and sent to early deaths in cases that could be avoided.

This election truly is a matter of life and death for many of us.

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