Bengahzi Gate Worse Than Watergate

It now appears evident that U.N. ambassador Susan Rice lied through her teeth when she told us via the Sunday shows that the attack in Libya was because of the film, not terrorism.

And to date, Fox News is reporting that not a single FBI agent has been sent to Libya to look into the death of Chris Stevens. The president hasn’t said much about it; has not warned our enemies; has not seemed to give a damn about those lost along with Stevens; still doesn’t put much importance on his daily briefings; refuses to investigate any of it.

You can run down Richard Nixon as much as you like, but no one died in Watergate. Nixon didn’t do the right thing, he just did what previous presidents had done. He was just caught.

I remember that summer and the endless hearings splashed across the three networks we had. Yet our national security was not compromised and the American people were not in any danger. With Obama, we get very little examination of his policies. You’d think it was something the major networks want to push under the carpet. And they do because it’s an election season.

I ask myself what would it take for them to report something negative about Obama? Clearly they care very little about his past. You don’t have to be a birther to see that his credentials don’t line up. Why a Connecticut Social Security number for a Hawaii resident? Where are his school grades? What’s the big deal? Why was Michelle Obama denied her law license usage?

If the death of four Americans, explained in a most preposterous way, doesn’t interest them would anything else? Would secret agreements with the Taliban, collaboration in voter fraud, more lying about Iran and nuclear weapons, further snubbing of our allies do it? Would proof that Iran had a nuclear bomb and was giving it to Al Qaeda concern them? Would concrete plans to snuff Israel out matter to them?

As long as it’s Obama in the Oval, I don’t think so. The press has given him carte blanche and he has taken them up on it with a vengeance. I sometimes wonder if a jihadist waving a bloody scimitar chanting death to America and Israel entering Little Pinch Sulzberger’s swank New York Times office would awaken them? I don’t think so. They are not going to wake up. They must be made irrelevant by the new media.

They are just making it more inevitable every day.

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