Debates Will Be a Disaster for Romney

I don’t even need to see or hear them to know that. Arguments? Issues? They won’t matter. Gaffes by Obama? Won’t matter.

Romney can be the greatest orator since Lincoln. Well, excepting, of course, the anointed one himself – Barack H. Obama. Romney could make the greatest arguments ever, besting the most brilliant courtroom lawyer. He could look like Brad Pitt, deliver jokes like Johnny Carson and ooze personality and compassion like Princess Diana. He would still lose.

Why? The media has already decided that Obama will win the debates. They’ve already decided that Obama’s won the votes. They’ve skewed and twisted the polls already to make it appear that the election is over and keep repeating these bogus numbers like Communist propagandists until we believe them.

In fact, they’ll probably imply to us that we don’t even need to watch them. A waste of time. Let them do the dirty work and go back to your “Greatest Loser” or football game. Clips will provide us all we need to know and save time, too. Just don’t look for a full clip as that might give you another idea.

Besides, these complex issues of the economy and foreign policy – admit it, the networks will imply – are really over your head, aren’t they? What do you know about GDP, housing numbers, jobless claims? Already the AP is spinning that Obama has created more jobs than were lost since he came in office. How did this happen? Miraculously a batch of jobs numbers from March were found and they put him over the top! Romney can’t possibly compete with such a genius.

Obama is going to win, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, AP, Reuters insist. So just give in and accept Romney’s defeat. The real vote, the Nov. 6 decision? Like the truth, it’s just a technicality. We’ll spin it away.

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