The Junta Is Here

Roger L. Simon has written a very thought provoking article this morning. He believes we are witnessing a silent coup d’etat in this country. But its perpetrators are not who you think.

“We are the victims of a media coup d’état and are currently living under it,” he says. Who can doubt it?

“We have long lived under this assumed reign of liberalism – in our media, in our schools, and through our entertainment,” he continues. “It is as pervasive as the air we breathe and as unquestioned. Fox News, even the Wall Street Journal, important as they are, exist under this reign and more often respond to it than initiate their own programs and investigations.

“Barack Obama is a product of this coup d’état. In a very real sense, he helps them cement it, but he has, at most, four more years to reign. The real coup plotters, the New Media Class (to cannibalize Milovan Djilas), can go on in perpetuity. And that has always been their intention.

It is the media that rules us then, not politicians. Politicians come and go; journalists, pundits, commentators – in print, on television, and now on the Internet – last forever, or nearly, as they pass the baton to the next generation without a semblance of an ideological blip, seamless as a gold medal track team.

“They are the ones who tell our story to us. They are our mirrors and they are indeed a new class, as resistant to change as any entrenched group of the rich and powerful. (Yes, many of them are not so rich and powerful nowadays, but the ones that count, the ones that truly rule, are. And the others stand patiently by, waiting for their turn.)

“This class, more than any, determined that Barack Obama should be president and they consequently will work more assiduously than any to assure his reelection, because a failure in that would be a serious, perhaps fatal, attack on their hegemony.”

He then goes on to tell us when it happened and how. Watergate had a part in it as any of us who lived through that era recall. Once Woodward and Bernstein got a taste of blood, so to speak, the whole pack went on a rampage. They have learned to hunt more silently and cleverly since then, but the taste for blood, particularly conservative blood is still a lust.

Simon wonders if it is too late to stop the final stages of the coup. Certainly the internet and talk radio have held it at bay for a while. However, there are moves afoot to monitor our use of the internet (some are already taking place) and laws outlined to make sure nothing unfriendly to our regime or provocative can be posted.

Remember a few years back when bailouts were all the Obama rage? Bailouts of news organizations were mentioned. None of the old media seems to know how to make a profit anymore. Look at the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN. Think Obama wouldn’t love to control them even more than he does now?

In this election the media doesn’t even attempt to be fair. Everything Romney says is taken out of context, blown out of proportion and harped on. Big issues like the poor GDP number, Fast and Furious deaths, the truth behind the Libya attack barely earn a mention.

They have successfully dumbed down the American people, along with poor schools, the entertainment industry, churches, sports.

Read the whole thing at We’re about to find out in a month how successful they’ve been.

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