Debate and an Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of OJ Simpson getting off for the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

What does that have to do with tonight’s debate?

It was a turning point for many of us. Month after month media analysts doted on the trial. They told us that Simpson was guilty. How many of those shows did we watch, in which they drew the conclusion that OJ would be found guilty? There were several of them on every night.

When the jurors announced they had reached a verdict and all the media people scrambled to find a microphone, these same people assumed that since the jury had spent little time deliberating, they must have reached a guilty verdict.

Around noon when everyone around the nation was glued to the TV to see what happened, we heard the not guilty verdict. The media was gobsmacked. They couldn’t believe it. Many were enraged. It didn’t make sense.

The same media, despite their obvious error and future errors, still holds themselves up as all knowing. Tonight they will act that way again. They will say Obama was terrific. Romney fell short of doing what he needed to do. Many on our own side will join in the chorus.

Just remember how wrong they were about the OJ verdict. They are equally likely – maybe even more so – to be wrong now. If they would just let the American people be the judge (a power they will never give up having tasted blood in Watergate) they might be surprised.

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