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Last night’s Midtown Republican Club meeting at Cafe Eclectic was jam packed.

First, Ken, Bev and Andrew of News Talk Radio FM 98.9 dropped by. They wanted to meet us. The station leans right, said Ken, noting that they have Memphian Ben Ferguson and syndicated Mark Levin whom Ken hoped does not stroke out one night. Bev said she likes to engage the community and Andrew Clarksenior said he “bears the burden of being the hard core conservative of the group.” He also says he loves the country and is “frustrated and sees a serious divide.”

The trio invited everyone to a Vote Memphis party Oct. 18 from 5-7 at Calabash Seafood in Arlington to discuss issues and a watch party at Patrick’s election day. They also encouraged people to call in on their show that runs from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. The number is 683-0989.

Justin Joy
Justin Joy

Next Shelby GOP Chairman Justin Joy had a few reminders about the election. Headquarters at Carrefour Mall behind Swanky’s has been equipped to make calls anywhere. You can come in and make some calls for races in Tennessee or concentrate on calling for Mitt Romney in Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada and Iowa.

Justin also stressed that here in Shelby County we need poll watchers. “If we don’t have a fair election, all our efforts go out the window,” he said. Poll watchers do not come from the Election Commission, but from the local party. “You are our eyes and ears,” Joy said. There are locations across the city and you don’t have to commit to all day, but an hour or two would be helpful.

To volunteer, call 682-3335.

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson, a senior at Rhodes, joined the group and talked a little to us about his attempts to revitalize the College Republicans on that campus. He has about 50-60 interested students from all over the country. We tentatively scheduled an event with them on November 5.

Speaker of the evening was Amy Weirich. She told us about her winning campaign for Shelby County District Attorney General. First, she thanked all of us and especially her campaign manager, Kim Perry. “I’m seriously thinking of calling Mitt Romney and giving him Kim’s phone number,” Weirich said.

Amy Weirich
Amy Weirich

Her campaign went along smoothly, she said, until the Thursday before the election. Suddenly her phone lit up with messages. She learned her husband was in the emergency room at Baptist East with an erupted colon. “They wheeled him into surgery.” Oddly enough, her former boss and DA Bill Gibbons had had to take his wife, Julia to the hospital for the same ailment just a few months before. Thankfully, he has recovered well.

“We wondered what it was with the spouses of the Shelby County DA’s,” Weirich said.

The night of the election – “my dad put 1,000 miles on his car putting out signs” – Weirich wasn’t sure of the state of the race. “I got a phone call from (former GOP Chairman) Lang Wiseman. “He said exit polls had me winning 2-1. ‘What does that mean?’ I asked. ‘It’s an old fashioned butt whooping, in 201 (Poplar) terms,’ Lang explained.”

“It was one of the most personal and professionally rewarding experiences of my life.”

Dr. George Flinn, candidate for Congress in District 9, hopes to follow her success.

“The race is exciting,” he told attendees of the club. His headquarters is in East Memphis at 700 S. Mendenhall near the Half Shell. “It is open every night til 7 and we can use volunteers. The number is 848-4560.

“We will also come by your house with a Romney and Flinn sign if you want one,” Flinn said. “Call 619-3040.”

Also in the audience was Harry Barber, candidate for state House District 88, parts of which include Midtown. He, also can use some help with phone calls.

Time to visit Headquarters!

Ruth Henderson and Dr. George Flinn
Club member Ruth Henderson and Dr. George Flinn

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