ABC Targets Sheriff Joe

“Journalism is dead,” Sean Hannity proclaimed in the 2008 election. Well, not quite dead. Zombie might be more like it, because dead as it is it keeps coming back to roam the country eating people who stand in its way.

For example, which isn’t really necessary since we see it daily with the Obama/Biden coverage (or non coverage) since it ignores the lies about Ambassador Steven’s death, the true unemployment picture and the rising cost of gas and food to bash Mitt for not releasing his kindergarten grades, take a look at ABC News. It’s not enough to corrupt nationally. They have decided to insert their biases everywhere. Now it’s Joe Arpaio in the Arizona Sheriff’s race that needs scrutiny. More scrutiny than they accord Obama.

Why Joe? Because he doesn’t fit into their world view. Here’s what ABC’s website reported:

Today we’re launching Arpaio Watch, a new series aimed at monitoring civil liberties in Arizona immigrant communities by tracking the policies and practices of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In the past two decades, no law enforcement figure in America has generated more animosity and fear within immigrant communities than the 80-year-old sheriff, who is infamous for immigration sweeps in heavily Latino neighborhoods in the Phoenix area.

And in recent months, the man once glowingly referred to by the mainstream media as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” has come under fire from the feds: A lawsuit filed in May by the Justice Department accuses Arpaio of using racial profiling in his police work, discriminating against limited English speakers in jails and abusing his power as sheriff. In addition, a district court judge will rule in the next few weeks on a similar lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, echoing a designation awarded to him by Rolling Stone, which recently dubbed him “America’s meanest and most corrupt politician.”

Don’t let balance or fairness get in your way here, ABC.

They continue, “If you’re not familiar with Arpaio, here’s a crash course.” It goes on to list these reputed sins: “Systematic profiling of Latinos; degrading prisoners, including immigrant detainees; disregard for women’s rights; bias against Mexican immigrants; clamping down on critics;” and my favorite – “he’s a birther.”

So what is the goal of Arpaio watch?

to monitor the effects of Arpaio’s policies on Arizona immigrant communities, and to report from the ground up about how immigration raids, disproportionate police stops and a disconnect between residents and law enforement can impact a community.

Stand with Arizona, a website and facebook page, calls this “an unprecedented attempt by a national media entity to try and sway an election.” Yes, this required their attention a mere 30 days before the election.

Stand with Arizona further elucidates:

Abandoning any pretense of objectivity, ABC News has even hired a longtime pro-illegal alien activist to pose as a “journalist” and run the operation,partnered with Univision…

Ted Hesson, ABC News’ so-called “journalist” leading “Arpaio Watch” cannot be considered in any way objective or fair on the issue or immigration. Before joining ABC News, Hesson was head of Long Island Wins, a group that advocates on behalf of illegal aliens in Long Island, NY and elsewhere. Hesson has written articles celebrating the defeat of E-Verify bills, promoting demonstrations by supporters of illegal alien amnesty, targeting local politicians who advocate for immigration enforcement (sound familiar?) , directing readers to call U.S. Senators to vote for the Dream Act (some “journalist”, eh?), and disgracefully suggesting that the shooter of former AZ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was motivated by the immigration enforcement movement.

Well, that’s the state of journalism today. There’s more Alinsky playbook to it than standards of fair practices. It borders on an illegal campaign contribution and perhaps FCC violations. But, who’s counting?

The Justice Department has had Arpaio in its crosshairs for years. So far, they haven’t been able to come up with anything. Does this matter?

Apparently not. Zombies don’t let facts get in the way.

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