Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Today is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” in churches across the country. Dr. Gina Loudon at Townhall.com says “Pastors in pulpits across the country will not only endorse candidates from the pulpit, but will also send the tapes of the services directly to the IRS. Now that’s bold!”

Why are they doing this? Dr. Loudon explains by asking, “How did we get to where we are in our culture and our politics today? I have wondered this since Obama took office and started exacting his socialist agenda on our great country. There is plenty of blame to go around—complacency, greed, laziness, apathy. I submit that churches may not have caused the problems we have today, but certainly could have curtailed the advancement of tyranny.”

Yes and since Obama has used the Affordable Care Act to advance his sociological agenda he has bumped into the freedom of religion issue. I hope today priests and pastors step back from the silly social justice arguments to focus on the more important ones of freedom to be alive and freedom to believe what you want. Without these, anything else flounders.

In my parish the priest discussed some of this last Sunday although he refused to endorse a candidate. This weekend he chose to discuss abortion since it is also Right to Life Sunday. Others, I have heard, have chosen to abstain from such homilies.

The whole issue came into clearer focus as I walked past the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Midtown this morning. The pastor was outside ushering parishioners into Mass. A liberal, he would be unlikely to address anything outside of social justice from the pulpit.

He might be surprised to realize some personal ramifications from this unCatholic, liberal stance.

A year ago he had heard of a parishioner who needed a kidney transplant. His name was on a list, awaiting a donor. Time was running out for the man who was in his late 60s. Father decided to donate a kidney to him and in doing so, prolonged his life.

A noble thing to do, by anyone’s measure.

But under the Affordable Care Act, this would not be possible. USA Today wrote about the change:


The rules that determine who gets to the front of the line for a kidney transplant may be about to change for the first time in 25 years, NPR reports. A proposal from the United Network for Organ Sharing would direct the kidneys likely to last longest (often from young donors) to the recipients likely to live longest with the organs (often young patients). Some transplant experts applaud the proposal but others worry the changes will discriminate against older patients who are otherwise good candidates.

That’s how it always works in the march to fascism. It sounds humanitarian to put the youngest at the head of the line when they are handing out kidneys. But what if it’s you? What if you’ve waited a long time? What if you have been suffering for years? And who is going to monitor this? Bureaucrats?

Father would not have been able to do this if the man he wants to vote for gets reelected. And that’s just the start of his agenda.

Priests and pastors often look around and bemoan empty pews. Sometimes they need to look at the pulpit instead. They cannot excuse themselves from today’s culture. If they don’t take a stand when it comes to right and wrong, who will?

Don’t expect the government to. Or if they do, that they will do the right thing.

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