Schadenfreude for Glenn Beck

About a month ago Glenn Beck shared a recent experience in New York. reported, “Beck highlighted the horrific treatment he received at local restaurant and a troubling interaction he had with an American Airlines employee — an individual whom the radio host said treated him as though he were ‘subhuman.’”

Beck vowed he would never travel on American Airlines again and invited others to boycott them, too. Since then, American Airlines has had numerous headaches, none of which Beck caused. They were pestered by a pilots’ strike, then were grounded when seats began to come loose. It has not been an easy time for them.

The restaurant piqued my interest since the Neelys, who it seems are the couple in question, have restaurants in Memphis, their home town. Shortly after Beck’s comments, their restaurant on Jefferson got a Health Department score of 65. That probably didn’t help bring in customers.

Today’s Commercial Appeal relates that the two Neely restaurants in Memphis are closing, and they have given up their concession at the Fed Ex Forum. They say they have shut down indefinitely for renovations, but no reopening date has been set.

Glenn Beck had nothing to do with these events, but he must feel some vindication. Treating people poorly, no matter who they are, never ends well.

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