DC Worked Against Us

Listen to what was said in yesterday’s Congressional hearings on Libya. It was stunning. A former Embassy Security officer in Libya said, “The Taliban is on the inside of the building” at the State Department.

This should be devastating to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Maybe some people will listen now to the charges that the Muslim Brotherhood is too cozy with this administration. I’m talking about Hilary’s aide, Houma, and the recent invitation to the Brotherhood to talk with Obama in the white House.

Last night the parents of slain Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn, one of the team members in the Bin Laden raid who died in a helicopter crash, blasted Obama on Hannity:

As did the mother of slain State Dept. officer Sean Smith on Anderson Cooper:

And Laura Logan, the reporter who was raped during the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, is speaking out. She addressed a crowd in Chicago and told them that the administration has not been truthful. The last two years have seen a Taliban and Al Qaeda resurgence.

Thank God people are coming out now with the truth. Hopefully, others will join them for the sake of our country.

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