Top Ten Lies Biden Told

It was hard to pay attention to everything Biden said during the vice presidential debate Thursday night because his smirking, laughing and interrupting was spellbinding. I guess that was part of the point.

So some of the whoppers Biden told whizzed by viewers, “my friend.” Oh, a few were so cosmic in size you couldn’t miss them as they hurdled past. Number one had to be Biden’s statement that they didn’t know Ambassador Stevens requested more help.

“We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there,” Biden said.

The Cable website says, “In fact, two security officials who worked for the State Department in Libya at the time testified Thursday that they repeatedly requested more security and two State Department officials admitted they had denied those requests.”

All you had to do was to have seen a smattering of news the day before to choke on that lie.

“All of us at post were in sync that we wanted these resources,” the top regional security officer in Libya over the summer, Eric Nordstrom, testified. “In those conversations, I was specifically told [by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb] ‘You cannot request an SST extension.’ I determined I was told that because there would be too much political cost. We went ahead and requested it anyway.”

Nordstrom was so critical of the State Department’s reluctance to respond to his calls for more security that he said, ‘For me, the Taliban is on the inside of the building.'”

Then, Biden claimed the intelligence community was to blame for Obama’s denying it was a terrorist attack. We know that people in the State Department were watching a video of the whole thing as it happened. There was even a drone flying overhead. There is more to come on this. Biden slamming Intel will have a bad blowback for Obama, especially since he is losing. Career professionals in each department will start leaking to save their own jobs.

Third, towards the end when Biden claimed Obamacare would not require Catholic institutions to provide contraceptives, well, that was spit take inducing. Ryan managed to squeeze in “then why are they suing the government?” Exactly. Catholic bishops have already denounced that and said it was a lie.

4. Did anyone outside of a moron believe Biden when he said Iranians were working on a nuke, but they had no means of delivering it? Yet, they managed to send a very intelligent drone over Israel last week? Puhleez!

5. Republicans cut back on funds for security at our embassies overseas was another Biden lie. Fox News found, “Budgets do not typically identify specific cuts, as those are determined by congressional appropriations committees. However, Democrats have extrapolated that $300 million of the $22 billion would be cut from embassy construction, maintenance, and security.”

And there was this, “A senior State Department official who testified before Congress earlier this week said budget considerations were not a factor in the decision to deny the U.S. Libyan delegation’s repeated requests for additional security.”

It always comes down to prioritizing with funds anyhow. In Vienna, they decided they needed two electric car charging stations. There was money available for Libya if they wanted it.

6. Biden didn’t vote for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fox News checked and found “Then-Sen. Biden voted for the Afghanistan resolution on Sept. 14, 2001, authorizing ‘the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.’ And on Oct. 11, 2002, Biden voted for a resolution authorizing unilateral military action in Iraq.”

7. Syria is five times the size of Libya, Biden proclaimed. A quick check of a map will clarify this.

8. Biden: “Any senior out there, ask yourself: Do you have more benefits today? You do. If you’re near the donut hole, you have $800 — $600 more to help your prescription drug costs. You get wellness visits without co-pays.”

Forbes Magazine says: ” According to the Congressional Budget Office, for every $500 the law spends on preventive services and prescription drugs, it cuts the rest of Medicare by $7,385. That’s a cut-to-spending ratio of nearly 15 to 1.

And as Ryan says, “Their own actuary from the administration came to Congress and said one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this.”

9. Obama saved the auto industry, but Romney, according to Biden said, “He just – he said, let it [Detroit] go bankrupt, period. Let it drop out.”

No, Romney called for a managed bankruptcy in an op ed in the New York Times: “The American auto industry is vital to our national interest as an employer and as a hub for manufacturing. A managed bankruptcy may be the only path to the fundamental restructuring the industry needs. It would permit the companies to shed excess labor, pension and real estate costs. The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk.”

10. “We decimated Al Qaeda,” Biden bragged. Really? Then why did they succeed in Libya? Why were they able to kill a Yemeni helping us at our embassy there Friday? Why have deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan ramped up, surpassing all those under Bush? Why did chief foreign correspondent for CBS News Lara Logan just give a speech in Chicago and call that a “major lie?”

The Democrats are patting themselves on the back for Biden’s performance at the debate. They are delusional. These lies will become more and more apparent as the election nears. And the only thing people will remember from this debate will be Biden’s off putting behavior.

Doubt it? What do you remember they spoke of in the Bush Gore debate when Gore sighed and moved oddly towards Bush? Probably not. We remember his behavior. And it’s still funny to watch today.

That and his too perfect, too white, blinding teeth.

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