Atlas Shrugged

They won’t be heading to their home theater, healthy snacks in hand with their $100,000 a year salaried live in projectionist at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to sit down and watch Part 2 of Atlas Shrugged.

Not going to be on Obama’s screen. He’d probably not like it to be seen by you either.

That’s an opinion a lot of critics have taken, evidently. Not very good says Hollywood’s elite band of critics. Right there, you, as a red blooded patriotic American, know you’d better go see it. There’s something there they don’t want you to see. It’s called suppressing box office.

Part 1 aired in April 2011. I called it “lumbering” then as they established the main characters of Dagny Taggart and Henry Reardon. Dagny is co-owner with her brother of the family rail business. Reardon, a steelmaker and fellow industry titan, has revolutionized the industry with a lighter, sturdier steel. However, the two find the government an obstacle in every innovation they pursue. They learn of another revolutionary idea for energy was discovered by a man called John Galt. His existence and location are mysterious and they try to track him down.

Part 2 begins with Dagny finding a prototype of his invention and her attempts to get it figured out.

I am sure the book is better than the movie, but Part 2 uses recent occurrences to its advantage. Although Rand wrote the book in 1957, the movie takes place a few years into our future. The economy is still struggling, gas prices have hit $40 a gallon and the Occupy movement brandishes signs all over the city. The government has stepped in with a Fair Share act that wants to do just that. The president enacts legislation, bill 10-289, that is a volume of rules a lot slimmer than our 2700 page Affordable Care Act. It freezes jobs, pay, industry; the government decides who gets orders first and how much everyone gets.

Maybe Part 2 is so much better than the first installment because we are even closer now to the socialist world it portrays. If you have any doubts, listen to any speech of President Obama’s and see how many times he uses “fair.” It’s “fair share of taxes,” “everyone does their fair share,” “fair shot,” etc. with him.

I didn’t recognize most of the actors in the movie. I always consider that a plus. The story isn’t bogged down by vain Hollywood personalities. However, there is a funny minute by Penn of Penn and Teller fame. The reticent Penn delivers a line or two, something he doesn’t do in their act. Sean Hannity is briefly in it, too along with his panel, this time Juan Williams, Bob Beckel and a liberal woman who doesn’t say anything.

The actors did remarkably well. That’s a mean feat considering every so often they have to utter the line “Who is John Galt?” It can sound as heavy as a concrete slab falling sometimes, but they work it as best it can be worked.

The movie moves along and has plenty of action. The end is another “to be continued” as we will have to wait another year for the third portion to be filmed.

Maybe opening it before the election will open a few eyes. What happens if all of us shrug and let the country slip away? The whole world would suffer.

We won’t have to wait for another year to find out what happens. That scene will take place three weeks from tomorrow. I know the ending I want to see happen.

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