Michelle Caught Breaking Debate Rules

This from Twitchy:

At the very beginning of the Hofstra University presidential debate, “moderator” Candy Crowley announced the rules of the road and noted that the “audience has agreed to be polite and attentive — no cheering, no booing, or outbursts of any sort.”

But many debate watchers on Twitter noticed that First Lady Michelle Obama — in bright pink in the bottom right-hand corner of the cutaway shown on Fox News (we’ve screen-capped it above) — clapped loudly, vigorously, and ostentatiously during the shameful Obama/Crowley tag-team against Romney over what the president said in the Rose Garden about Benghazi.

Here’s the picture and proof:

And here’s the exchange:

Candy Crowley then rode to Obama’s defense and backed him up on his lie that he called it a terrorist act. Once the transcripts of the Rose Garden ceremony surfaces (which was immediately), she had to walk it back.

Of course, it was an act of “drive by journalism.” She shot Romney, moved on and the deed was done for most of the viewers. Mission accomplished, Candy. Hope your reputation gets a similar treatment.

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