Debate Impressions

Impressions of last night’s debate

Obama: Looked nervous when he came out. Stuttered annoyingly. The way he sat on the chair with his leg bent, leaning forward, microphone in hand, looked like a lounge singer. Tries to swagger when he gets up. I thought he might start belting out a song. Rattled at times. Used stock phrases we’ve heard so many times people probably blacked out. Interrupted Romney.

Romney: Liked his calm demeanor. Looked presidential. Assertive without being obnoxious. Faced a hostile press, audience and moderator. So what else is new?

Candy Crowley: Battle axe. Doesn’t adhere to Mrs. O’s dietary standards. Loves to play school marm. Can’t seem to understand a clock.

Oddest response: First guy, a student, asked about his prospects for getting a job upon graduation. Obama started talking about jobs in manufacturing. Whaaat? Did he say he wanted to work in a factory? Kid, save yourself tens of thousands and get out of college while you can.

That brings us to the next category – the most issues squeezed into a question. It goes to Obama. In answering this guy he talked about outsourcing, green energy, wealthy pay more, money spent on wars, Detroit bankruptcy, the deficit! Wow. Obama overprepped.

Biggest exaggeration goes to Obama. Asked about the high price of gas, he says he’s done so much in this area, blah, blah, blah, even coal!, blah, blah. Shutting down oil fields, not building the pipeline, higher fuel standards for cars so that no one can ever afford one; all these are helping keep that gas price low? Then he had the gall to say that high gas prices mean the economy is strong!

Crowley life line no. 1 to Obama: the high gas price is the new normal, so suck it up, suckers.

Most pathetic argument: Big Bird answer by Obama on the issue of taxes. How many times is he going to drag that muppet into his mud?

Most missed opportunity goes to Romney. When that woman asked about getting equality for women in the work place he should have brought up the 18% less salary those women working at the White House get. It was hardly a question that merited so much time in an hour and a half event.

Worst question: Asking Romney how he would be different than George W. Bush. Puhleez! That’s the kind of question they ask at the Miss World Universe contest. Maybe she should have asked boxers or briefs.

Best Romney moment: His litany of Obama failures was deadly accurate. He shot him down with a 357 Magnum.

Most overused ideas: Obama- we came into office in times so tough it was like the depression. Planned Parenthood and free contraceptives will make the world wonderful.

Most unresolved issue: Benghazi gate. Didn’t seem like Romney fumbled this to me. His calling attention to Obama’s Rose Garden comments will keep this issue in front of the news and stretch it out into Monday’s foreign policy debate.
And, if the buck stops with Obama – which he said it did – how’s he going to ‘splain himself?

Crowley lifeline No. 2 – Agreed with Obama that he called the attack terror. Like she has a photographic memory? Like she had the transcript underneath her ample skirt? Does she memorize every word Big O says?

Best acting of the evening goes to Obama. Following that Libya issue, Obama drew himself up in righteous indignation that anyone would question The One’s patriotism or empathy! Methinks he doth protest too much. What about the mother of Sean Smith who still hasn’t had an answer to how her son died. Oh, we’re supposed to forget about that.

Most overlooked, OK ignored, issues: Fast and Furious, Obamacare and the deficit. Candy didn’t want those “minor” topics to come up. Minor, like your life, the government sending arms to drug lords, generations of debt to China.

Most underhanded: Crowley said Romney won the coin toss and got the first question. That let Obama have time to think and come up with an answer. It also let him get in the last word in the last question. He threw out the 47% bomb, let it hit and then ran behind Candy. Typical bully tactic. Romney couldn’t reply.

Most underhanded Part 2: Although the audience was barred from clapping, booing or making noise, Michelle Obama threw that rule out and started applauding her husband when the Libya thing came up. That helped shut up Romney. It also made it look like the audience preferred him.

Anchor least likely to ever get this gig again: Candy Crowley. She shouldn’t even be on the air after all the stunts she pulled. She gave Obama more time, rewired questions for him, interrupted Romney and let Obama override her and Romney. Her supporting Obama’s defense about calling the attack terror would, in an honest world, get her kicked out of journalism.

Nevertheless, Romney was nimble in avoiding the traps they set for him. He had good answers and a straightforward manner. That won’t be missed on the American people.

ImObama looked nervous, even scared when he came on stage.
shakes his hand then O pats Romney’s arm. belittling

CC has a Rathergate affect

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