Is This the October Surprise?

Eric Bolling of Fox News says reporter Carl Cameron says the Obama Administration may talk directly with Iran regarding their nuclear enrichment/sanctions. As he says, this is “interesting timing.”

Dick Morris has been saying he thinks that a deal with Iran and Obama would be the October surprise. It would come right before the Monday night debate focusing on foreign policy. It would frame Obama as a hero and perhaps win back some Jewish votes.

You can only imagine the hosannas the media would crown Obama with, can’t you? He would be hailed as the only man who has ever been able to stop Iran from its nuclear ambitions. It would also be a diversion from the Benghazi fiasco.

Of course, realists among us would not take a promise from the Iranians to mean anything. But, the gullible, who are also looking for some reason to vote for a failed president, will find an excuse in this.

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