Hits for Mitt

We all have points we want Mitt Romney to bring up at tonight’s debate on foreign policy. From our view, it should be easy. Obama’s foreign policy lies in ruin with the consulate in Benghazi.

Sure he takes credit for killing Osama Bin Laden. Big deal. Three times he was approached with intelligence on his position; twice he chose to wait. Some say Leon Panetta made the decision. I can believe it.

Even so, the SEALS were the ones who trained for the mission, took the risk and succeeded. You can link that back to policies by the Bush administration, not an Obama one.

Mitt will politely acknowledge that take down, but then he should bring up the wealth of indictments against Obama’s foreign policy.

Benghazi will come up, undoubtedly. It will be interesting to see how Obama squirms out of any responsibility (even though he said he takes it). Here are some things to bring up:

Do you still think the YouTube video had anything to do with it? Why did you, knowing from our intelligence that it wasn’t the YouTube, spend $70 million on ads to be shown in Pakistan? Why wasn’t protection provided to our embassy when they had asked for it, particularly on the obvious day of 9/11?

Why didn’t anyone go to the rescue of the ambassador when a drone was overhead? Why didn’t some help come from our ships close to this port city? Why no air support? Do you really think Americans will believe that your people (and you) in Washington couldn’t see what was happening in real time? Anyone who has watched Homeland knows Langley and DC know every move that’s made. Why was Stevens’ killer sitting without a care sipping mango juice just last week? Why didn’t you take him out? Why did the FBI stay out of Benghazi for almost three weeks? Wouldn’t all the good info be gone by then?

Here Romney can share his anecdote about one of the men killed, Glen Doherty, and tell how he met him, what he thought about him and be empathetic. He might want to bring up Sean Smith, another one killed, whose mother is still asking the administration for the truth on what happened to her son aka a “not optimal” “bump in the road.”

It will just be a matter of how much time moderator Bob Schieffer gives him because the ammo is there.

Romney will want to remind Obama of his comment to Russian leader Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” in their relationship after the election. And what happened to that red reset button? Looks like it got run over.

While he’s on that topic, Romney might mention that he wouldn’t want the endorsement of Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. No patriotic American would want to be anywhere near that trio.

That could lead him to ask the president why he felt the need to bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, the emperor of Japan and the Chinese leader. Why did the White House welcome the Muslim Brotherhood, a foe of ours around the world? Romney wrote a book on foreign policy called “No Apologies.” He should show viewers he means it.

Why do these opponents get the royal treatment while friends don’t? The Brits get a bust of Churchill they loaned us thrown back at them. His “good friend” Bibi Netanyahu was made to go out the back door without dinner when he visited the White House, as did the Dali Lama. That’s not the worst, however. If you’re a true American friend like the Pakistani doctor who cooperated with us and told us where Bin Laden was hiding out, you get thrown in prison. Why, Mr. President?

Nearer to home, try ‘splain’ Fast and Furious. What happened to those guns? How does he justify the hundreds of innocent Mexicans killed in that fiasco? Where are those guns now? Are we doing the same thing in Libya? Is that why Stevens went there so mysteriously and unprotected?

Romney should also ask why international monitors been allowed to watch our elections? Doesn’t Obama have faith in our governors?

Finally, Romney should not be afraid to use silence as a weapon. Obama and Bob Schieffer might start talking over themselves and Romney. All the other debate moderators weren’t afraid to enter the fray and let it get out of hand. If Romney pauses and waits til they stop blathering, he’ll catch the attention of TV viewers. They will then be waiting on his next words. Romney could then pounce.

Maybe Obama will make some dramatic announcement at the debate. Some speculate that he’s made a deal with the Iranians. If that happens, it can still be negated. A great number of us remember the 1979 Iran hostage situation. We don’t believe anything Iran says. They haven’t done anything trustworthy yet. They won’t now either.

The stage is set for Romney. He can easily take command with his performance tonight. He has shown himself remarkably able throughout the last two years. He probably will tonight.

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