Obama White House in Full Retreat

It was shocking to learn this morning that President Obama is not on the campaign trail today. Whaaat??

Granted, he spent a lot of energy flying out to California to tape the Tonight Show and to surface on MTV. That’s something I don’t think any sitting president should do. Here’s the Mideast exploding, the Libya tale unraveling and the economy stalled and headed downward. But I digress.

But not appearing anywhere today? Isn’t this like a student pulling an all nighter and needing to sleep? It is, but I suspect there is more going on than just that. Is Obama having a nervous breakdown? Is he unable to cope with his probable loss? I would put my money on that. For one, a person who doesn’t care about God will never find the strength to deal with life.

Then, given today’s news breaking that someone denied the CIA the go ahead to save Ambassador Stevens and others, he might want to lay low.

Also, I ran across this story from White House Dossier blog. Evidently spokesman Jay Carney is also unavailable.

Carney, the public face of the “openness” White House, has not briefed from the podium since October 10. It’s the only time he has appeared there this month.

Obama’s travel does not explain Carney’s failure to brief. The press secretary generally submits to questioning before the cameras when the president is at the White House, and Obama has spent three days there in addition to October 10 – October 12, October 19, and today, when Carney is again not scheduled to brief.

Carney continues to participate in off-camera “gaggles,” briefing reporters along with Obama campaign press secretary Jen Psaki during trips aboard Air Force One. But such briefings tend to be much shorter and less intense than the televised White House briefings, and of course cannot be scrutinized directly by the public.

That says a lot, doesn’t it? They don’t want to be questioned about anything and they don’t want to say anything that might explode like an Acme cartoon character with a ticking bomb.

I wonder what Jay Carney will do after January 20? Maybe he’s making plans. He won’t have much credibility to offer journalism, will he?

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